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    What is Canada Immigration RNIP Program? 

    Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot is a program launched in 2019 for five years. It is a beautiful initiative by the Canadian government to facilitate immigrants and ex-pats to get a PR. It selects eligible skilled workers based on their profile, education, past work experiences, and language proficiency to get visas to relocate to Canada.

    Due to the lower population, Canada is looking for immigrants to come and live there to help the economy thrive and population increase through different programs. This is also considered the best and easiest way to get a PR for those already looking to migrate. The surprising success of the program made communities demand government make it a permanent program. As the program is not only facilitating immigrants but the Canadian government too.

    This is a community-driven program for mutual gains. The participating communities are anticipated to attract and retain potential immigrants through fantastic development plans. These plans are for financial benefit for immigrants benefitting the country in terms of stabilized economy, skilled workforce, tax-paying communities, and Populus.

    The communities offering RNIP programs were under-populated and needed people to fill and develop those areas along with the natives.

    Communities Participating in RNIP Program

    The Canadian government has allowed these 11 communities to give visas to skilled workers through the RNIP program and is extending this to other communities.

    Canadian ProvinceParticipating Community
    Ontario (5)North Bay, Sudbury, Timmins, Sault Ste. Marie, Thunder Bay
    Manitoba (2)Brandon, Altona/Rhineland
    Saskatchewan (1)Moose Jaw
    Alberta (1)Claresholm
    British Columbia (2)Vernon, West Kootenay (Trail, Castlegar, Rossland, Nelson)

    Communities from other Canadian provinces like Northwest Territories, Nunavut, and Yukon will soon be added.

    How to obtain Canada PR through RNIP?

    Permanent Residence in a country like Canada is a dream come true for people relocating to elevate their living standards. Every country has strict protocols and procedures for giving ex-pats PR, a long process extended over the years. PR ensures your safe and permanent place in the community, making you eligible for perks and privileges as natives.

    PR is offered to those who fulfill set criteria by the federal government and, in the case of RNIP, the community guidelines. A person who wants to qualify for PR through this program must fulfill the set requirements by the federal government and community guidelines.

    The federal criteria to fulfill under the RNIP program include

    Work Experience: 1 year of continuous work experience in any relevant field in the last three years.
    Education: Graduated from a publicly funded post-secondary institution in the recommended community.

    Language Proficiency: Must be language proficient and have a NOC Skill type/level for the job offered.

    Settlement Fund: Proof of enough settlement funds to support the family and themselves.

    An individual’s community endorsement is determined by:

    • The intent is to reside in the chosen neighborhood.
    • Job offers and financial requirements of the area.
    How to Apply?
    • Choosing the communities that will take part in the RNIP.
    • The individual is qualified to apply to IRCC for Canada PR through RNIP if the community approves them.
    • The applicant submits their application to IRCC for permanent residency in Canada.
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    Work Experience

    Eligible candidates who are applying to qualify for PR through RNIP must have a work experience of 1560 hours, whether from Canada or outside of Canada. But their occupation must be listed in the National Occupation Certificate (NOC). There are no other restrictions, and working with multiple employers won’t be an issue.

    International students applying under their education are exempted from this work experience requirement and can use it based on their degree.

    It is important to note that RNIP doesn’t accept self-employed work experience.

    These criteria can get you PR quickly and make your living in Canada easier.

    Settlement Funds:

    The mandatory evidence of finance requests from qualified applicants seeking under the RNIP to settle in the community is made by the Canadian immigration authorities. They cannot borrow money from anyone; they must have these resources.

    The following records are acceptable as evidence of funds:

    • Financial statement
    • Documentation demonstrating the real estate or other investments
    • As evidence of funds, you must have at least $9,000 available. Your profile will determine the precise quantity. To find out more, please get in touch with your immigration advisors.
    Language Proficiency:

    The following are the prerequisites for each NOC skill category and level. Canadian Language Benchmark is referred to as “CLB.”

    • NOC 0 and A: A minimum CLB 6 in the language is necessary.
    • NOC B: A CLB 5 in language proficiency is essential.
    Take Away!

    Canada Immigration through RNIP is the most convenient and favorable for those looking to apply for PR to have their families with them.

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    So, if you want to relocate to Canada, the RNIP program can be your gateway to PR!