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    Overview of Australia Skilled Work Regional
    (Provisional) Visa

    Are you looking to migrate to a specific region in Australian provinces? You can apply through Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) Visa. It is one of the most successful skilled immigration programs in Australia. It enables successful applicants to live, study and work in designated regional areas for five years, with a pathway to permanent residence in Australia. DM Immigration Consultant Saudi Arabia offers the professional support you require to get visa approval.

    It is for skilled overseas workers who want to live and work in a designated area in Australia. Most locations in Australia outside significant cities (Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney), like Perth and Gold Coast, are classified as designated regional areas for migration purposes.

    So do you have the required credentials and want to apply for Subclass 491? Get help from our MARA-registered immigration consultants in Saudi Arabia. Apply for Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) Visa from Saudi Arabia and get full assistance in the application process. You can register with us today to learn more details about this visa.

    Australia Skilled Visa

    Key Features of Australia Subclass 491

    It is a temporary visa for provisional residence in Australia. The applicant must get a nomination from a territorial government in Australia or get sponsorship from a family member living in a designated area and meeting all the eligibility requirements.

    This state-nominated provisional visa for skilled immigrants authorises you and your families to work and live in a specific Australian region for up to five years. Through this visa you can apply for Australia PR after staying three years. Nomination by a state or territory helps a candidate to get more points to qualify for an Australia Subclass 491 monitored by the Department of Home Affairs points test.

    The applicant must get an invitation to apply (ITA) after giving an Expression of Interest in the listed skillset, depending on the region. This visa can act as the pathway to apply for permanent Skilled Regional Subclass 191. You must withdraw your nomination to be granted a visa.

    Benefits of 491 visa Australia

    The planning levels for regional migration programs are 11,200 in 2021-22 and 34,000 in 2022-23. After you complete all the formalities, you will receive the 491 visa Australia and will be eligible to enjoy the following privileges:

    You can also get Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa – A subsequent entrant for family members who can stay until your family member’s visa validity ends.

    Eligibility Criteria for 491 Australia Visa

    The general requirements for a 491 Australia Visa are as under:

    Eligible sponsor:

    To check your eligibility for a sponsored family visa Australia, contact our Best Australian immigration consultants in Saudi Arabia.

    Australia is a lovely Oceania country

    Documents Required for Australia Visa Subclass 491 Application

    To submit the EOI for a particular province, an applicant requires the following documents for a skilled Australian immigration application under Subclass 491.

    Application Process for Skilled Work Regional
    Provisional Visa?

    The Australia Regional (Provisional) visa application process consists of the following steps:
    Immigration application Step one

    Original passport copy

    Immigration application Step Two

    Character certificate by Police

    Immigration application Step three

    IELTS Language Proficiency test results

    Immigration application Step Four

    Skill assessment documents

    Immigration application Step Five

    Birth certificate

    Immigration application Step Six

    Sufficient funds to bear travel expenses

    Immigration application Step Seven

    Medical report

    Immigration application Step eight

    Australian work experience

    Immigration application Step Six

    Details of the sponsor

    Immigration application Step eight

    Your visa will be issued after approval, with five years of validity. After residing for three years in Australia, you can become eligible for permanent residency.

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    Applying for a 491 visa can be complex and consume too much time. Also, a slight mistake can derail your immigration journey. You will need professional expertise for a smooth process, and DM consultant Saudi Arabia is here to make your trip easy! You will receive support from our MARA-registered immigration agents to process your skilled immigration and visa application. Schedule today a FREE Consultation to make your immigration process simpler. Our consultants have assisted over ten thousand clients to migrate to their dream destinations.
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    Frequently Asked Questions on Visa Subclass 491

    The following conditions are required to qualify for this visa:
    • Nomination from a territorial or state authorised agency or an relative who is eligible must sponsor you.
    • Relevant job skills on relevant SOL.
    • Related Skills assessment
    • Get ITA
    • Score a minimum of 65 points
    Australia Subclass 491 permits a provisional visa holder to work and live in Australia for five years.

    No, you can’t extend the 491 Australia visa. You must apply for permanent skilled regional (191) access to stay more than five years in Australia. If you stay inside the country for three years on this visa, you can apply for Permanent Residence in Australia through a Skilled Regional (Permanent) subclass 191 visa. You must withdraw your nomination to be granted the visa.
    Your family members can’t apply for a 491 visa with the principal applicant. Your eligible family members can apply later to join you in Australia as subsequent entrants. With this visa, you and your family can:
    • stay in Australia for five years
    • live, study, and work in a specific region of Australia
    • travel freely in and out of Australia while the visa is valid
    The advantages of availing of a 491 visa are:
    • Regional applications get priority processing.
    • Migrants can get incentives for longer stay in regional areas as they build crucial ties through community participation and workforce.
    • More points are available to subclass 491 visa applicants.
    You can contact our expert counselors in Saudi Arabia to discuss the best options for you to study or work in regional Australia and explore pathways for Australia PR. In our FREE consultation, you will find out the following:
    • Course requirements and application processes
    • Work experience according to SOL requirements of the region
    • Pathways to permanent residency
    • With regional study, earn an extra year on a post-study work visa