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    Are you planning a foreign trip from Saudi Arabia for tourism, business purposes, or visiting your family or friends? You will need a visit visa to enter your dream destination. A visit visa is also required for other short-term travel purposes like medical treatment, vocational training courses, concerts, etc. DM Immigration Consultant provides visit visa services in Saudi Arabia to help residents with exploration plans for their favourite countries. A visit visa from Saudi Arabia is issued to successful applicants who satisfy the eligibility norms, including no profit-earning activities while in the country and showing a valid reason to return with a pre-booked ticket. The application process, documentation, and other requirements vary from country to country. Non-compliance with the mentioned rules and regulations can lead to denial. So, it is an intelligent decision to hire professional services from DM. Schedule a FREE Session with our expert visa consultants to learn the process and requirements.

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    Select the country of choice. We can also help you choose a destination if you still need to shortlist any country. We assist clients in fast visa processing for Schengen, Canada, the UK, the USA, and Australia. We will guide you throughout the entire application process and provide regular updates on your visit visa status to help you relax during the process and prepare in advance for the trip.


    Canada issues temporary visas to nonimmigrants seeking entry for tourism, business, or to meet family, friends, or relatives. The online Electronic Travel Authorisation (eTA) allows foreigners to enter Canada. All outsiders, barring citizens from exempted countries, require a legal visit visa which typically has five-year validity and a maximum of six months’ stay permission is a single entry.


    You can visit Australia for family gatherings, short-term study courses, business meetings, conferences, seminars, medical treatment, and holidays. The candidate must satisfy the Home Affairs Department eligibility requirements for successful approval. There are many Australia visit visa options to choose from. You can stay upto 12 months in Australia, depending on the purpose of your visit.


    The Schengen visit visa allows non-European nationals to visit 27 Schengen countries part of the European Union for up to three months within 6 months to travel or visit Europe for pleasure. Schengen visa opens gates to Europe, Whether your purpose of the visit is to meet family members, relatives, or friends or to take a leisure trip across the countries. It’s the most extensive free travel zone worldwide.


    The UK visit visa is a legal document that permits non-EEA nationals to visit the United Kingdom temporarily. The purpose of travel to the United Kingdom can be to perform short-term work, study courses, join immediate relatives for a family gathering or business tie-up, visit a tourist place, transit through the country, access private medical treatment, etc. The Standard UK Visit Visa is usually valid for 6 months.


    A foreigner who plans to visit the United States must obtain a nonimmigrant visa placed in the visitor’s passport. America issues B-1/B-2 visitor visas. Generally, the B-1 visa is for travelers for business conferences, attending scientific, professional, educational, or business conventions, etc. The B-2 tourist visa in USA covers travel for leisure, visiting friends or relatives, medical treatment, and social service activities.

    Why Visit Visa

    A visa is an important document required to enter a foreign country from your country of residence. You must check whether your destination requires a visa or not. Some countries exempt specific country citizens from visa requirements for entry, and some offer visas on arrival. But if you plan a trip to Europe, Australia, or North America, you may require a valid visa from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). The visit visa application and all the relevant documents should be submitted well in advance. The application for travel entry can be made online or at a nearby embassy and consulate. The visa application can also be presented at the VFS Global application center in Al Khobar, Aramco Dhahran, Jeddah, and Riyadh. Visas are sometimes stamped on the passport or issued as separate documents and usually contain validity time. Many countries have strict tourist visa requirements, which act as a security measure to track the movement of foreign entrants and help check illegal immigration. Visas are also a defensive shield, preventing security threats from entering a country.

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      The tourist visa application to enter any developed country can test your patience. With a long checklist of documents and stringent requirements to most sought countries like the USA, UK, and Canada, the applicant may need help to clear hurdles on its own. DM Consultant, the licensed visit visa agent in Saudi Arabia, has the experience and infrastructure to help clients make correct visa applications faster and avail smooth approval. Our legal experts provide visa validity check after successful approval. Our clients rank us as the best visa consultant in the Middle East due to our success rate and customer-friendly approach. DM Consultant can help you obtain a Schengen, UK, USA, Canada, and Australia visa through our efficient and cost-effective process. We also help with visit visa extension after you complete the duration of the valid entry.
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      Frequently Asked Questions on Visit Visa Services
      from Saudi Arabia

      After you submit your application, the Visa Application Centre staff will verify details based on IRCC requirements and then formally submit your application. Once IRCC decides on your application, the Canadian Visa Office will securely return your passport to the Visa Application Centre, which will inform you. You can also see an update on the Online Application Tracking System.
      No. The visa fee covers the cost of processing your application and is non-refundable. You can reapply for a visa with a new processing fee if your application is rejected. By hiring DM Immigration Consultants, the top visit visa agents in Saudi Arabia, there is minimal chance of visa denial, as our visit visa consultants are experienced in processing visa applications with a success ratio of 98%. Regarding visa refusal, we will guide you in reapplying after a particular time as per the country’s requirements and help you clear the hurdle.
      The bank balance requirements vary from country to country. It depends on the country of travel and your specifications. You must prove through a bank statement or any other source that you have sufficient funds to bear the travel expenses.
      You can apply for a visit visa extension well before its expiry date. There will be separate renewal charges for the extension. Discuss with our expert visa agents in Saudi Arabia to get a complete quote for the visit visa application for your chosen country.
      Yes, by acquiring a USA visit visa from Saudi Arabia, you are authorised to perform the following things during your temporary stay:
      • Avail medical treatment
      • Family meetups and catch-up with friends and relatives
      • Attend weddings, social events, and other gatherings
      • Join business meets, seminars, or conferences on a B-1 visitor visa
      Planning is an excellent idea for making enough preparations for the journey. Candidates can file a visa application at least 15 days before traveling to Schengen Zone. You can contact our visa agents to get the fastest Schengen visa from Saudi Arabia.