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    Do you want to enjoy life at your set pace in a highly developed country? In that case, Nova Scotia is the perfect province in Canada to migrate with your family. Its slow pace allows you to family bonding without compromising on your career goals. You can move to Nova Scotia from Saudi Arabia through Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program. You may need professional expertise for a smooth immigration journey. DM Immigration Consultants in Saudi Arabia can help you with the application process. We have almost a decade of experience processing successful Canadian permanent residence applications.

    Nova Scotia Nominee Program Streams

    Aspirants with the skills and expertise targeted by the government of Nova Scotia may be nominated for immigration through the Provincial Nominee Program. The nomination for Canada PR can be through various streams of NSPNP:

    Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities

    This stream picks candidates in the Canada Express Entry who satisfy labour market requirements in the province to apply for nomination. Candidates who receive a Letter of Interest from the Nova Scotia Office of Immigration can apply for Canada PR under this stream.

    Labour Market Priorities for Physicians:

    Nova Scotia government selects physicians through this stream who want to apply for nomination through the Express Entry. Candidates with an approved offer from the Health Authority or a Health Centre who receive a Letter of Interest from Labour, Skills, and Immigration (LSI) are eligible.

    Skilled Worker

    This stream helps employers hire overseas prof and recently graduated international students whose skills are required in Nova Scotia. An employer can only hire overseas professionals for positions they have yet to be able to fill with Canadian citizens or PR holders.


    It assists Nova Scotia’s public health authorities in recruiting general practitioners and family or specialist physicians to work in Nova Scotia. The stream helps health authorities retain physicians with the needed skills for positions they have been unable to fill with Canadian citizens or permanent residents.


    This stream is for accomplished business owners or experienced business managers who want to live in Nova Scotia. After a year of active management operations of a new business or expanding an existing business in Nova Scotia after purchase, the entrepreneur may be nominated for PR status by invitation only.

    International Graduates

    International graduates of a Nova Scotia university or Community College can operate a business for a year to qualify as Entrepreneurs. Recent graduates whose skills and education match specific in-demand National Occupational Classification (NOC) job categories are also eligible for nomination.

    Occupations in Demand

    It targets specific training, education, experience, and responsibilities (TEER) category 3, 4, or 5 occupations of the NOC in high demand in the Nova Scotia labour market. LSI identifies occupations in demand based on labour market information and eligible works.

    Nova Scotia Experience

    Express Entry: This stream selects exceptionally skilled individuals wishing to live in Nova Scotia permanently. Applicants need at least one year of experience working in Nova Scotia in an occupation at TEER NOC Code 0, 1, 2, or 3.
    DM Consultant Saudi Arabia can help you in choosing the right stream. So, begin with the application process for NSNP with our experienced ICCRC-licensed Consultants in Saudi Arabia.
    Top Reasons to Visit Canada

    Overview of the Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program

    Nova Scotia hosts Provincial Nominee Programs regularly to attract skilled immigrants to boost its economy and address shortages in the labour market. The Atlantic province nominates immigrants for Canada permanent residence who possess the required experience and skills targeted by the provincial government. The nomination under the Nova Scotia PNP fast-tracks the process for Canada PR. Immigration to Nova Scotia tripled over the last two decades because of the launch and continuous upgrade of the NSNP and the introduction of the Atlantic Immigration Program in 2017. Nova Scotia had another record-breaking year for immigration and population growth in 2022. Its communities welcomed 12,650 permanent residents, which bettered the previous year’s total by 38 percent. Since breaching the one million mark in the population at the end of 2021, the province has added more than an estimated 35,000 people.

    Why Migrate to Nova Scotia from Saudi Arabia?

    Nova Scotia has become a preferred immigration destination for immigrants due to various job vacancies emerging to fill the shortages in the labour market, especially in healthcare and infrastructure. It is the smallest Canadian province after Prince Edward Island and offers residents a quality life and affordable living. Residents enjoy balanced work, family, and responsibility in a relaxed environment. Nova Scotia Migration from Saudi Arabia is easy through NSNP. If you have the required skills to get nominated, you can get an extra 600 points on the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). The chance of getting an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residence brightens after getting different points. It is one of the most beautiful provinces in Canada to live in. Located on the east coast of Canada and surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, it is filled with rolling seas, lush green forests, and farmland. Saudi residents can shift to Nova Scotia through PNP Canada for career enhancement, advanced education, and business purposes.
    Documents Required

    Documents required for Nova Scotia PNP Application

    The essential documents necessary to apply for the Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program are mentioned below:

    Application Process for Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program?

    The application process for permanent residence in Canada through Nova Scotia PNP involves the following steps:
    Immigration application Step one

    The eligible applicant submits an Expression of Interest.

    Immigration application Step Two

    Get a Letter of Interest from the Nova Scotia Office of Immigration (NSOI) on your Express Entry profile.

    Immigration application Step three

    Nova Scotia’s PNP streams are connected with the Express Entry; therefore, applicants with a good profile on IRCC will receive 600 extra CRS points.

    Immigration application Step Four

    You can now give a request for Canada Permanent Residence and get an Invitation to Apply.

    Immigration application Step Five

    IRCC will decide on your application after verifying all the documents.

    How can DM Consultant help you in the Nova Scotia immigration process?

    DM Consultant Saudi Arabia has a team of ICCRC-certified consultants. We provide the best services to our clients for Nova Scotia immigration. We have experts who can apply for NSNP on your behalf and support you throughout to make your Canada PR journey easier. We educate you about the process, help create a profile in the Canada Express Entry, assist in documentation, and provide legal support. To know the entire application process for Canada Visa from Saudi Arabia, schedule a FREE Consultation with our immigration experts now.


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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on
    Nova Scotia Nominee Programs

    Labour Market Priorities stream in Nova Scotia also selects applicants directly from the Express Entry pool. It is regarded amongst the easiest pathways for foreigners to acquire PR as it often invites profiles without any connection to the province. Aspirants must have an active Express Entry profile and show EOI in Nova Scotia. The province typically needs to publish the in-demand occupations or criteria they will target before their intake rounds. Candidates that get an invitation from Nova Scotia can apply for provincial nomination. Successful nominees get an additional 600 points toward their CRS score in the pool. These extra points guarantee an ITA in a national Express Entry draw.
    The processing time for eligible applications can be within three months. It may take more time, depending on the individual application and volume of applications received by the immigration department of the Government of Nova Scotia. Apply for Canada PR through the IRCC website within six months of receiving your nomination certificate.
    An applicant must have a job offer from a designated employer in Nova Scotia recognised by the provincial government. The work permit is limited to the employer and a particular designation advertised by the employer. The employment offer must include the following requirements for the NSNP application:
    • Trade license and turn over details of the company
    • Designation and job description
    • Relevant Work Experience according to TEER categories of Nova Scotia NOC
    • Validity of offer and duration of the contract
    • Wage benefits
    Below are the in-demand occupations in Nova Scotia: • Healthcare professionals and Nurses • Food & Beverage workers • Financial auditors and Accountants • Administrative assistants • Advertising, marketing, and public relations managers • College and other vocational trainers • Social and community service workers
    An immigrant can accept employment offers in Canada without needing a Labour Market Impact Assessment with an open work permit. After the Nova Scotia government nominates candidates, their spouses can apply for an open work permit. It authorises the permit holder to work for any employer or occupation.
    We provide complementary services to make your relocation to Nova Scotia from Saudi Arabia hassle-free. After assisting you in securing NSNP nomination for Canada PR, we try to ensure that you won’t face any problems while settling down in the new province: · Welcome at the Canadian airport · Assistance in arranging accommodation · Assistance in registration on arrival, opening a new Bank Account, Social Security Number, and acquiring a health card in Canada · Help in the school admission process of children · Job search assistance, if required, through our sister concern in Canada