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Do you want to migrate to Alberta province in Canada from Saudi Arabia? You can do it through Provincial Nominee Program Alberta. It is a good pathway to permanent residence in Canada through fewer points you score in the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) tool. Candidates can become eligible for Alberta PNP with a CRS score of 300.

So, if you want to migrate to Canada through the provincial nominee program Alberta from Saudi Arabia, contact DM Immigration Consultants. As an authorised Canadian Immigration agent in Saudi Arabia, our agents can provide you with professional and legal assistance to migrate to Canada. Contact our ICCRC-certified immigration consultants to check your eligibility.

Top Reasons to Migrate to Alberta from Saudi Arabia

The high-income opportunities, affordable real estate, and housing in the top two cities, Calgary and Edmonton, make Alberta very affordable. Alberta has diverse cultures and communities that offer many world-class services to immigrants. The province provides excellent quality of life and many new career opportunities to add to economic growth, creating jobs to address labour gaps and business opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Here are the many reasons why Alberta immigration is an intelligent step toward a bright future:

  • More sun, more rocky mountains, more exposure to arts and culture
  • Higher salaries and opportunities
  • Business friendly, good work culture, community involvement, and advanced health and educational facilities
  • Diversity of industries and numerous job opportunities
  • The province is abundant in natural resources.
  • Variety of housing options at affordable rates
  • The cost of living is lower compared to other top provinces
  • It houses some of the leading Canadian universities
  • Conducts numerous annual events to make it interesting, fun, and family-friendly things to do year-round.

Key Features of the PNP Alberta

The Provincial nominee program in Western Canada is known as Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP), previously the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP). It is an Canadian economic immigration program that nominates people for PR in Alberta based on their skills and relevant qualification to fill labour gaps or create employment opportunities by starting a business in Alberta. After getting the nomination, you can apply to the federal government for permanent residence status with your spouse or defacto partner and dependent children.

AINP Alberta (renamed AAIP in 2022 after upgrading immigration policy) runs through a partnership between Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and the Alberta government to promote immigration for economic development. The program is for skilled workers and accomplished entrepreneurs who wish to work and settle in Alberta.

AAIP Streams for Workers and Entrepreneurs

If you wish to immigrate to Canada through Alberta PNP, you can use the following streams of AAIP divided into two categories for workers and entrepreneurs.

Alberta Opportunity Stream

The Alberta Opportunity Stream helps principal applicants and their families immigrate to Alberta. Eligible applicants who live and work in Alberta and have a job offer from a registered employer in Alberta can apply for an AAIP nomination.

Alberta Express Entry Stream

Applicants in the Express Entry System with a CRS score of at least 300 can be invited by AAIP to apply for Canada permanent residence nomination. Tech workers can be eligible for faster processing under the Accelerated Tech Pathway.

Rural Renewal Stream

This stream is for candidates to apply for an AAIP nomination who have a valid job offer from a registered employer in Alberta to work in a designated rural community in the region.

Graduate Entrepreneur Stream

This stream allows international graduates of authorised Alberta post-secondary educational institutions who want to launch or buy an existing business to submit an EOI. They can apply for nomination and later Canada PR.

Foreign Graduate Entrepreneur Stream

Foreign graduates outside Canada can apply for nomination under this stream in Alberta. It opens the pathway for Canada permanent residence for skilled international graduates.

Rural Entrepreneur Stream

This stream is for Entrepreneurs who want to launch a business or purchase an existing business in a rural community in Alberta. Eligible business people can submit an Expression of Interest.

Farm Stream

Under this stream, experienced farmers who wish to buy or launch a farm business in Alberta can apply for nomination and permanent residence. It will enable farmers with extensive experience to become self-employed and add to the province's economy.

Contact our expert consultants today to know which stream suits you best for Canada Migration from Saudi Arabia under PNP Alberta.

Eligibility Criteria for Provincial Nominee Program Alberta

To be nominated by the Alberta government, the candidate should have the required work experience and skills that meet the labour demands of the province, as well as boost economic growth. The general eligibility criteria, primarily through Express Entry, are as follows:

  • An active Express Entry profile in the federal Express Entry pool with a minimum CRS score of 300
  • Possess skills, work experience, and training in most-demand occupations of the province
  • Strong language proficiency in English or French
  • Commitment to stay long in the province and contribute to its economy

Factors that increase your chances

  • Alberta job offer or work experience
  • Graduate of a post-secondary institution in Canada
  • you have a parent, child, brother, or sister living in Alberta as a permanent resident or Canadian citizen.

Eligible applicants using the non-express entry streams can submit an EOI through AAIP portal to get the provincial nomination.

Documents Required for PNP Canada Application

The following documents are required to receive a nomination through AAIP:

  • Copy of passport with relevant travel details
  • Completed application form with signature
  • Required educational credentials
  • Language proficiency test results
  • Medical report
  • Character certificate from Police
  • Sufficient funds are needed for immigration
  • Proof of job offer and relevant work experience as per requirements

How to Apply for AAIP from Saudi Arabia?

The application process under AAIP for nomination and Canada PR involves the following steps:

  • Know the process and gather all the documents.
  • You can apply for AAIP nomination through the Express Entry program Or use the AAIP portal to give EOI for non-express entry streams.
  • Alberta reviews the application, and your profile will be nominated if it meets the requirements. After getting a Nomination Certificate from the Alberta government, you can apply for Canada PR to IRCC.
  • IRCC will assess your profile and verify details before deciding on your PR application.

Why Choose DM Immigration Consultants Saudi Arabia?

DM consultants Saudi Arabia is the top Canadian immigration consultancy in the region and provides clients with the best immigration services globally. We work with a qualified team of ICCRC-certified immigration consultants to ensure that the application meets all the eligibility requirements, is supported with required documentation, and clears all the hurdles for successful visa approvals.

So what are you waiting for? Make your dream of Canada migration a reality by contacting DM Immigration Consultant Saudi Arabia. Book a Free Consultation with us now!


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Alberta PNP

Alberta Advantage Immigration Program allows eligible candidates to apply for nomination for Canada PR to work and live in Alberta. The provincial nominee program was upgraded from the previous Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program. Nominees must have skills to fill gaps in the labour market or be planning to buy or launch a business in Alberta.
It is an excellent pathway to permanent residence in Canada through 300 points in the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) tool to become eligible for Alberta PNP. The province has many job opportunities available, and it upgraded its immigration policies recently to attract more immigrants.
A language proficiency test is required for Alberta PNP eligibility. The PNP programs typically accept a minimum IELTS score of 6 bands, but Alberta can take even lower scores in exceptional cases. Educational Credential Assessment verifies the candidate's educational degree is at the same level as academic standards in Canada. DM offers FREE IELTS training and assists in getting ECA done for your highest educational degree from authorised Canadian agencies.
You must keep the AAIP organisers and the Canadian federal government updated on changes in your status. You have to remain in Alberta during the process of your permanent residence application. After receiving Canada PR, you can move anywhere in Canada after receiving the required approval from the concerned authorities.
Alberta is a stunning western province in Canada, offering excellent quality of life. The province provides high-income opportunities, affordable real estate, and housing in the top two cities, Calgary and Edmonton, making Alberta very affordable. Its diverse set of cultures and communities offers many world-class services to immigrants.
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