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Are you targeting Saskatchewan province for permanent settlement in Canada? The Western Prairie province in Canada has a robust economy and offers immigrants many employment opportunities, attractive salaries, and quality of life. DM Consultant Saudi Arabia can help you migrate to Canada via Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program. It is the best way to immigrate to Canada if you have the required skills and intend to settle in the province permanently.

Immigration plays a crucial role in supporting the province’s growing economy and labour demands. Saskatchewan has more than 15k job vacancies posted on its official job websites. More than 135 hundred job openings are forecasted over the next five years in the province.

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Why Saskatchewan Immigration from Saudi Arabia?

Due to cultural diversity and opportunities, Saskatchewan sees a large influx of immigrants annually. It is the largest of the three Prairie provinces, known for agricultural production housing rich in farmlands. The Western Canadian province produces one-third of the world’s potash and a fifth of the world’s uranium. Saskatchewan is the fifth-largest oil producer in North America. The province hosts two major Canadian cities, Regina and Saskatoon.

Saskatchewan Immigration from Saudi Arabia is easy due to the straightforward word application process. The factors that encourage the immigration of Saudi residents to Saskatchewan are:

  • A robust economy and career opportunities with higher wages on offer.
  • Rich in art and culture, beautiful provincial parks, and many sports and recreational opportunities.
  • Free medical care and excellent health care services.
  • Safety and security with low crime rates
  • Saskatchewan is an affordable place to raise a family and locate or invest in a business.

Key Features of the Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program

This Provincial Nominee Program in Canada, under Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP), is a collection of immigration pathways created by the provincial government to invite foreigners to become Canadian PR holders.

SINP targets highly skilled workers, workers in occupations with labour shortages, workers with employment offers, and entrepreneurs who can launch and maintain their businesses in the province.

The program has gained traction, and the federal government recently has increased SINP nominations by 42 per cent and reduced duplication in immigration assessments. In 2022, Saskatchewan entirely used its federal allocation under this program. For 2023, Saskatchewan received the largest allocation in the SINPs’ history – 7,250 nominations on request. It means around 18,000 immigrants to the province this year, including nominees, their spouses, and dependents. The province notional allocation for 2024 is 8,000 nominees and 8,500 in 2025.

Choose Your Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program Category

Saskatchewan Canada operates various immigration SINP streams to invite skilled immigrants divided into the following categories:

International Skilled Worker

It is for skilled foreign workers who want to work and live in Saskatchewan. There are subcategories for which international skilled workers may apply under the SINP to get a provincial nomination for Canada PR. They include Employment Offer, Tech Talent Pathway, Occupation In-Demand, Saskatchewan Express Entry, and Hard-to-Fill Skills Pilot.

Saskatchewan Work Experience

It is for foreign nationals currently working and living in Saskatchewan on a valid work permit. There are six subcategories: Skilled Worker With Existing Work Permit, Semi-skilled Agriculture Workers with Existing Work Permit, Health Professionals, Long-Haul Truck Driver Projects, Hospitality Sector Projects, and Students (recent graduates).


It is for foreign nationals who wish to obtain or partner in a business in Saskatchewan and be actively involved in managing it while residing in Saskatchewan. Submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) to the SINP, receive an invitation to apply based on the score in the profile, establish a business, and receive a provincial nomination. It also operates International Graduate Entrepreneur Category and Farm Owner and Operator Category.

Immigrate to Saskatchewan under the program category that best fits your needs.
You can get professional support from our qualified consultants in choosing a suitable stream based on your credentials.

Eligibility Criteria for Saskatchewan PNP

The eligibility criteria for Saskatchewan PNP vary according to the immigration stream:

International Skilled Worker Stream

  • A minimum of 60 assessment points on the grid based on education, work experience, language proficiency, age, and adaptability.
  • A must job offer and meet the criteria in Employment Offer.
  • If you have an Express Entry profile number in Saskatchewan Express Entry.
  • No job offer or an Express Entry profile number but meet the criteria for Occupations In-Demand.

Experience Stream

  • Working in Saskatchewan with a valid work permit for a minimum of 6 months
  • Have a full-time job offer from a designated Saskatchewan employer. The job is required to be in NOC (National Occupation Classification) TEER 0, 1 or 2, or 3; or in a registered trade.
  • Currently working in Saskatchewan in the Hospitability sector on a temporary work permit through a Labour Market Impact Assessment.
  • Will work for an approved trucking firm in Saskatchewan on a temporary work permit granted by IRCC and based on a LMIA report from the Government of Canada.
  • At least 60 points on the Saskatchewan PNP points grid.
  • Graduated students with a recognised diploma or degree in Saskatchewan or within Canada.

Entrepreneur or Farmer Stream

  • Must have at least three years of entrepreneurship experience in the last 10 years.
  • Have a minimum of CAD 500,000 in Net Business and Personal Assets.
  • Shows ability to invest CAD 300,000 or more in a business in Regina and Saskatoon or CAD 200,000 in other Saskatchewan communities.
  • Produce Business Establishment Plan.
  • Participate actively in managing company operations.
  • Must create at least two work vacancies for Saskatchewan or Citizens of Canada residents.
  • Sign Business Performance Agreement with the Saskatchewan Government.
  • Must have a regular post-secondary diploma or degree that is at least two years from a recognised learning institution in the International Entrepreneurship stream. Must hold a valid Work Permit.

Documents Required for Saskatchewan PNP Application?

The general documents required for the Saskatchewan PNP application are as follows:

  • Copy of passport
  • Saudi residence proof
  • Medical reports
  • Financial stability proof to bear travel expenses and settlement plans
  • Character Certificate from Police
  • Match the criteria of the Canada Language Benchmark
  • Employment offer with all the details
  • Work permit with LMIA job in specific streams
  • Reference letters for previous work experiences
  • Marriage certificate and child’s birth certificate (if required)

Application Process for Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program

Individuals can apply for a Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program in easy steps.

  • Submit an EOI in SINP
  • Get ITA and provide all the relevant details.
  • Receive a nomination from the province.
  • Apply with IRCC to get a Canada PR.
  • Applicants without an employment offer can apply for Canada PR by creating an Express Entry Profile and choosing Saskatchewan as the preferred province.

How Can DM Immigration Consultant help in SINP Nomination?

The process of Canada PR through SINP is straightforward but needs a lot of knowledge, legal process, and follow-up. To save you time and money, hiring an expert immigration consultant in Saudi Arabia becomes paramount. Licensed ICCRC consultants can guide prospective immigrants in their application process and help them arrange the required documents, complete the application form, and create an impressive profile in Express Entry, free of cost IELTS training.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program

Saskatchewan has seen a large influx of immigrants due to the following reasons:
  • A strong economy, job opportunities with higher salaries.
  • Vibrant culture, scenic provincial parks, and many sports and recreation opportunities exist.
  • Free medical care and excellent health care services.
  • Safety and security with low crime rates.
  • Saskatchewan is an affordable place to raise a family and locate or invest in a business.
The SINP assesses applications with a job offer to see if the occupation meets SINP criteria. The province typically takes six weeks to process the applications. The application must contain all the correct details and documentation for processing within the stipulated time. Any mistake or error will cause delays and lead to the application's rejection.
The Expression of Interest (EOI) system will be used by candidates who want to apply to the SINP through the Occupations in Demand or Express Entry subcategories. To qualify, the candidates need to meet the minimum requirements of age, work experience, education, and language benchmarks. Eligible candidates will get ITA for the nomination letter and later apply for Canada PR within 60 days.
OASIS is the online application system for Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program used to monitor program applications and issue correspondence. You can go through the OASIS User Guide about how to use and navigate OASIS. For further details, get in touch with our expert SINP consultants today.
This subcategory under the Work Experience stream is for individuals working in the Food & Beverage Industry as servers, kitchen helpers, food counter attendants, or housekeeping and cleaning staff for at least 6 months on a valid Saskatchewan work permit.
Applicants should be skillful in performing the in-demand jobs listed on National Occupational Classification (NOC) to qualify for Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Programs.
  • Health professionals and nurses
  • Food & beverage servers, cooks
  • Kitchen helpers and chefs
  • Transport truck drivers
  • Retail Sales Associates
  • Heavy equipment mechanics and operators
  • Software developers
  • Accountant
Most people in Saskatchewan are bilingual and speak both English and French. You must have a hold in English or French with a required Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB 4) to be eligible for the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program.
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