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Are you considering a move to Manitoba? It is the gateway to western Canada and has recently seen robust economic growth. Manitoba invites many immigrants annually by offering excellent career opportunities, higher salaries, business growth, and quality of life. You can apply for Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) to get the nomination and boost chances for Permanent Residence in Canada.

DM Immigration Consultants is a registered and trustworthy immigration agency in Saudi Arabia that can assist you in your immigration journey to Canada through the MPNP pathway. We work with ICCRC-registered consultants who will offer professional support in the immigration process and use their experience to ensure you get successful approval. Register with us today and avail of a FREE consultation with our experts and learn more about the Manitoba Nominee Program.

Why Migrate to Manitoba from Saudi Arabia?

Manitoba is a Western Prairie province with plentiful grasslands, plains, and lowlands in the middle of Canada. It is filled with natural beauty, offering clean, friendly, safe, and secure cities and towns to immigrants for a relaxed and enriching lifestyle. The province’s capital, Winnipeg, is a world-class city with many employment, entertainment, and education options.
The province attracts immigrants due to a thriving labour market thanks to its incredible natural and agricultural resources. It nominates skilled professionals meeting the required eligibility criteria on a regular basis through the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program to fill the labour shortages in the market.

The program provides an easy pathway to acquire Canada PR for experienced, skilled workers, recent international graduates, and business people to work, study and live in the province. Interested Candidates can immigrate to Manitoba from Saudi Arabia by using the Express Entry profile and providing an Expression of Interest for nomination to boost PR chances.

Overview of the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program

Manitoba was among the first provinces in Canada to launch a Provincial Nominee Program in 1998 to attract skilled immigrants along with British Columbia and Saskatchewan. Immigration through Manitoba PNP has played a significant role in the region’s population, labour force, and economic growth.

The Manitoba Government nominates candidates using the base streams and enhanced streams. Enhanced streams are aligned directly with the Express Entry system. Base streams are not connected with the Express Entry system. Candidates who get a provincial nomination must apply now to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

The Express Entry system managed by the federal government gives an applicant a point-based score on the Comprehensive Ranking System. The highest-ranking candidates on the CRS get an invitation to apply for Canada PR. Once an applicant receives a nomination from an enhanced provincial program, it fetches extra 600 CRS points to receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residence.

For 2022 Manitoba was allocated 5,075 base nominations and 1,250 enhanced nominations. The base-to-improved nominations ratio is flexible and may be adjusted based on MPNP inventory and Manitoba’s labour needs.

Choose Manitoba MNP Streams

Manitoba PNP program has many streams with different pathways to migrate to Manitoba from Saudi Arabia and get Canadian Permanent Residence:

Skilled Worker Stream

It nominates individuals for Canada PR with international experience and training that match the skills required in the local labour market. It has two pathways: Skilled Worker in Manitoba: Applicants who have a solid connection to the province through current employment and satisfy other requirements. Skilled Worker Overseas: Display an established connection to Manitoba through family or friends' support, previous work experience or education, or an ITA through MPNP as part of a Strategic Recruitment Initiative.

International Education

This stream provides international students graduating in Manitoba and meeting industry requirements faster pathways to nomination to receive Canada PR visas to settle and work in Manitoba and add to the province's economy and communities. It has three pathways: Career Employment Pathway, Graduate Internship Pathway, and International Student Entrepreneur Pilot.

Business Investor

Through this stream, Manitoba recruits and nominates qualified global business investors and entrepreneurs who have the intention to launch or buy businesses in Manitoba. It has two pathways: the Entrepreneur Pathway for candidates intending to open a business in Manitoba; and the Farm Investor Pathway for those seeking to launch and operate a farm operation in a rural area of Manitoba.

Federal Immigration Programs

Many other options are available for skilled foreign workers interested in making Manitoba their home through the federal government's economic immigration programs. In addition, those individuals who want to migrate to Manitoba as non-economic immigrants – like, spouses and other eligible family members of Canadian citizens and PR holders – may qualify under the Federal Family Class.

Eligibility Requirements for Manitoba Nominee Program

Candidates must have relevant work experience and employment to meet the Manitoba job market demands and spend enough time in Manitoba Canada, to increase their chances for nomination under the Manitoba Nominee Program. Different streams have various requirements:

  • At least 18 years of age at the time of application.
  • Required language proficiency.
  • Under the skilled worker stream, applicants must establish a solid connection to the province through current employment. Sponsorship from family or friends,previous work experience, or education also make a candidate eligible.
  • Completed required education or training program under the international students stream. Ability to add to the economy of the region.
  • Candidates in the Business investor stream must satisfy minimum investment requirements, provide a business plan and sign the Business Performance Agreement. There is no age requirement in this stream. However, candidates between 25 to 49 years of age are allocated ranking points.
  • Settlement plan and intention to live and work in Manitoba permanently

Documents Required to Apply for Manitoba PNP

The documentation necessary for Manitoba PNP application varies according to the immigration stream. Some of the general documents required are listed below:

  • Proof of identity from Saudi Arabia
  • Valid passport copy
  • Educational Credential Assessment
  • Language proficiency test results
  • Marriage certificate
  • Character certificate
  • Sufficient funds proof to bear travel expenses and accommodation
  • Employment letter (if required)
  • Previous work experience in the related field
  • Detailed settlement plan
  • Proof of solid connection to the province (if needed)

Application Process for Manitoba PNP from Saudi Arabia

To get a nomination for Canada PR through MPNP, a candidate needs to follow the following steps during the application process:

  • Assess your eligibility and create a Canada Express Entry profile on the IRCC website
  • Provide all the details, including work experience, ECA, and IELTS test scores
  • Submit an EOI from your Express Entry profile to seek nomination from Manitoba through Manitoba PNP.
  • After you satisfy all the requirements, you can expect to receive Nomination Certificate after due process and submit a Canada PR application with IRCC.
  • IRCC will verify your details and decide on your PR application.

In the business investor stream, you do first business research, submit EOI, receive LAA, sign the agreement, and obtain a work permit to establish business

and receive an MPNP nomination.

How can DM Consultant help you to get a Nomination via MPNP?

DM has a qualified team of experienced and ICCRC-registered Immigration Consultants in Saudi Arabia. We have served our clients successfully and have earned their trust through awareness of the application process, assistance in documentation, help in creating a profile in Canada Express Entry, guidance in picking the right immigration stream, support in completing the application, and regular updates on the visa application status.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Manitoba Nominee Program

Manitoba nominates individuals for Canada PR with international work experience and education in the province that match the skills required in the local labour market. It also nominates individuals with a solid connection to the province through family, friends, jobs, etc. The province also offers nomination through the business setup for applicants satisfying minimum investment requirements and signing a business agreement to establish a new business or purchase an existing one.
You must have a valid Canada Express Entry profile and include your profile number and Job Seeker Code in EOI for Manitoba PNP. When you submit your complete MPNP application, include a copy of your Express Entry profile and your ECA and language proficiency documents. You can update your EOI if any changes happen in your employment, family status, contact information, etc.
No. You can submit only one EOI at a given time. Submit a new EOI after one year expiry or if you decided to decline your invitation to apply. Your EOI contains all the information about your skills, work experience, language ability, education, and other factors contributing to success in Manitoba. If you satisfy the minimum criteria, you will be placed in a pool of eligible candidates for the MPNP program.
Establishing a connection to Manitoba, such as an employment offer, family, a friend, or previous work experience or education in Manitoba, is an integral part of various MPNP streams. You can apply to the Business Investor stream with an earlier connection to Manitoba. You can also explore multiple regional initiatives from the province for possible immigration without connection to Manitoba.
Hiring a lawyer, a registered immigration consultant, or any qualified representative is optional to help you with your MPNP application. However, the immigration application process can be challenging. Professional assistance and advice from a certified agent can help in quick and hassle-free application approval. Provinces in Canada like Manitoba only recognises or releases information to immigration representative who is: • A provincial or territorial law society lawyer in Canada who is an authorised member and in good standing; or • A registered immigration consultant and in good standing of College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants.
You can check if an immigration consultant is registered and in good standing with the CICC and accredited as Regulated International Student Immigration Advisor or a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant by searching the CICC website. You can also check if a lawyer is an registered member in good standing by contacting the relevant Canadian territorial or provincial law society.
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