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Are you planning to migrate to Canada from Saudi Arabia and obtain permanent residence? Canada is currently one of the top immigration destinations. The applicant with the required skills, qualifications, and work experience has a solid chance of acquiring a Skilled worker visa in Canada. The process can be tedious, and professional consultants like DM make your immigration journey easier. We deliver fast, genuine, and efficient advisory services to clients. We specialise in Canadian skilled immigration programs, including Express Entry, Provincial Nominee Programs, Economic Immigration Programs, Family sponsorship, Quebec –selected skilled workers, etc. By choosing DM as your Canada immigration consultant, you will work with a qualified group of consultants committed to ensuring 100% customer satisfaction. As ICCRC-registered immigration agent, our consultants can make your immigration journey easier with proper guidance. To know more about our Canada immigration services from Saudi Arabia, schedule a FREE consultation with our experts today!

About Canada Skilled Immigration

Canada has consistently ranked in the top three nations for immigration in the world. According to the Anholt-Ipsos Nation Brands Index of 2022, it is ranked third. Immigrants expect a better quality of life. The country offers safety, political stability, and better career prospects. Canada is considered a land of possibilities for your and your children’s future.

Through its 10 provinces and 3 territories, Canada offers countless opportunities to skilled workers who wish to migrate to the country. Federal immigration policy in Canada is based on the principles of humanitarianism and compassion. Canada Skilled Immigration Program attracts skilled persons to Canada who can boost the economy, have higher qualification and skills, speak English or French proficiently, adapt quickly in Canadian society, and share Canadian values.

The reasons that make skilled immigration program in Canada popular are:

  • Canada offers unlimited vacancies across various job sectors.
  • Skilled immigrants can benefit from Canada’s Universal Health Care program.
  • Canada ranks consistently in the top three in terms of quality of life.
  • Canadian government and people welcome immigrants.
  • Businesspeople and entrepreneurs can start or expand their businesses with less or no red tape or bureaucracy.

Choose Your Program For Skilled Visa Canada

Canada welcomes talented foreigners by offering various skilled visa programs, including most sought Canada Express Entry, Economic Immigration and Provincial Nominee Programs:

Express Entry Program

Canada Express Entry fast-tracks applications for PR in Canada. It is developed for foreigners who fulfill all the requirements set by Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). The program ranks individuals based on a point-based system that evaluates the applicant's age, qualifications, skills, and adaptability.

Economic Immigration Programs

The Canadian immigration authorities offer many economic immigration programs to foreign skilled workers who search for a better career, advanced education for children, and a better quality of life. As a top Canada immigration consultant Riyadh we can help you secure a Skilled Visa in Canada.

Provincial Nominee Programs

The Provincial Nominee in Canada is also a federal government program that authorises Canadian provinces and territories to nominate skilled workers who plan to work and live in the designated area. For more information about PNP Programs in Canada, contact ICCRC-registered immigration consultants in Saudi Arabia.

Discuss with our Canada Immigration Consultants in Saudi Arabia to find the best Skilled Immigration Program.

Eligibility Criteria for Canada skilled worker program

Eligibility criteria for skilled worker immigration programs are simple, and the main requirements are:

  • The candidate must have at least one year of experience in the last ten years in a SOL (skilled occupation listed) in TEER (Training, Education, Experience, and Responsibilities) Category 0, 1, 2, or 3 of the 2021 version of the NOC (National Occupational Classification) in Canada.
  • Meet or exceed the minimum Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 7 with test results from an IRCC-designated language testing center.
  • Provide Educational Credential Assessment report for immigration purposes from a designated organisation.

Other requirements to qualify for Canada skilled worker program can be:

  • There is evidence of sufficient funds or assets to bear travel expenses, accommodation, and other charges for yourself and your family in Canada initially.
  • Fulfill age requirements depending on the immigration program.
  • Willingness for a background check.
  • The applicant should score 67 points out of 100 in the Express Entry pool.

Documents Required for Canada Skilled Migration Programs

Below are the general documents necessary to apply for permanent residence through the Canada Skilled Migration Programs:

  • Passport copy with travel history
  • Passport-sized photographs
  • Evidence of financial stability to sustain initially
  • Required language test score from an authorised center
  • Offer letter of any listed NOC from a Canadian employer
  • Nominee Certificate from the province, if migrating to a specific region in Canada
  • Healthy medical report
  • Date of Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate (if applying with a spouse)
  • Recommendation letter from your previous employer or sponsor

How can DM help you to acquire Skilled Visa Canada?

If you have the required work experience and skills to pursue your career in Canada, we can assist you in securing a skilled visa Canada. DM works with an expert team of ICCRC-certified Canada immigration consultants in Saudi Arabia to ensure a hassle-free process for the clients. We follow an easy, tailor-made process that helps you comfortably migrate to Canada from Saudi Arabia.

Being recognised among the top Canadian immigration and visa consultants in the Middle East, with a head office in Dubai, we have a dedicated office in Saudi Arabia to help Saudi people make an easy immigration journey to Canada. Our services include:

  • We offer a free consultation to know your requirements and choose the best Canada skilled immigration program for you.
  • After signing up, we educate you about the entire process and transparently reveal the costs.
  • We assign a dedicated case officer who will help in document arrangement, application filling, evaluation, and give regular updates on the application, etc.
  • After ensuring visa approval, we also offer complimentary post-landing services.

Schedule today an appointment with us for a smooth, quick, and simple immigration process in Canada! Our Canada legal team is just a click away!


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Frequently Asked Questions on Canada Skilled Immigration

The Canadian permanent resident and accompanying dependants are authorised to live, work and study in any of Canada's ten provinces or three territories. The children of Canada PR holders have access to free primary and secondary education in public schools, and the whole family can avail of universal health care coverage in the province. Canada also offers quality life, safety, security, and better career opportunities.
To fill up gaps in the labour market, the Canadian government invites skilled foreign workers under Skilled visa Canada who fulfills the following requirements:
  • The applicant must have at least one year of work experience in an occupation mentioned in TEER Category 0, 1, 2, or 3 NOC - 2021 version.
  • The candidate must score the required CLB with results from an IRCC-authorised language testing organisation.
  • Provide Educational Credential Assessment from a designated organisation to prove that your diploma, degree, or certificate equals a completed Canadian educational credential.
IRCC will assess your application if eligible based on the skilled federal worker's point grid selection factors.
CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System is used to evaluate a candidate's profile and rank them in the Express Entry pool based on points scored on certain factors to get nominated for a Canada PR. The federal immigration authorities will give scores based on the following criteria:
  • Age and adaptability
  • Relevant Work experience in SOL
  • Educational Credentials
  • Required Language proficiency
  • Job offer and sponsor
Yes! The language proficiency test result is mandatory for Canada Skilled Immigration, especially under Canada Express Entry and various PNP programs. IELTS from British Council is the popular language test form accepted by Canadian authorities, universities, and employers. Canada PR application through Express Entry requires a minimum of CLB 7 or at least 6.0 for each section of the IELTS test (speaking, listening, writing, and reading), is required. You can improve your score through IELTS training sessions offered by DM. As an official partner of the British Council, we offer free IELTS training and access to study materials and handbooks. Register to know how we will prepare you for the IELTS exam.
DM is the best Canadian immigration Consultant in Saudi Arabia. We work with a team of qualified and ICCRC-certified consultants. We are trusted worldwide by skilled migrants for our professional immigration services. Register with us online by providing the required details. We will offer Free consultation to understand your requirements, evaluate your profile, and suggest the most suitable immigration program for you and your family.
As a licensed agency for Canadian immigration, we have a dedicated office in Saudi Arabia to help candidates and their families realise Canadian immigration dreams from Saudi Arabia. As part of our customer services, we do provide job assistance under certain circumstances through our sister concern in Canada based on your educational qualification, work experience, and skills.

What Our Canada Immigration Consultants In Dubai Can Do For You ?

As a trusted agency in Dubai for Canada immigration, we also have a dedicated office in Abu Dhabi to assist individuals and families who are planning on their Canada immigration from Abu Dhabi. So if you want to enjoy a smooth, stress-free and expedient experience right from applying to for your immigration, you know who to reach out to – get connected with the team of experts at DM Consultants right away!

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