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    Benefits of Canada

    New Brunswick PNP Consultants Saudi Arabia

    Are you planning to migrate to Canada but can’t find a suitable pathway? New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (NBPNP) can be the ideal platform for meeting your requirements. New Brunswick is an Atlantic province in Canada with a small population that provides numerous job opportunities and a low living cost. NBPNP allows the provincial government to nominate skilled individuals who can become economically established in New Brunswick. DM Consultant Saudi Arabia specialises in offering comprehensive Canadian immigration services. We have experienced ICCRC-licensed consultants who know the full details of the Provincial Nominee Program in New Brunswick and assist in a successful application to get nominated for Canada PR under the program. Contact us today to make your immigration journey hassle-free.

    New Brunswick PNP Streams

    New Brunswick government conducts various Immigration programs through PNP Canada to attract immigrants who can fill labour gaps in the market and add weightage to local economies and communities. There are many streams to get a nomination certificate for Permanent Residence in Canada under New Brunswick PNP:

    NB Skilled Worker Stream

    This stream is for foreigners with the skills, education, and work experience required to contribute to New Brunswick’s economy. Candidates must satisfy the minimum eligibility requirements, have a genuine offer of employment in New Brunswick, and fully intend to live and work in the province for a long time.

    NB Express Entry Stream

    Do you possess the work experience, skills and qualifications to fill an occupation in high demand in New Brunswick? The NB Express Entry Stream connects to the Canada Express Entry system and will increase your chance of being issued an ITA for permanent residency from IRCC after giving an EOI.

    NB Business immigration Stream

    It is an economic immigration pathway for accomplished entrepreneurs ready to launch, operate and proactively manage a business while living and settling in New Brunswick permanently. Eligibility criteria must be met during the EOI, application, and nomination to receive ITA.

    NB Strategic Initiative Stream

    This is mainly for French-speaking workers with the skills, qualifications, and work experience to add to the economy and are willing to live and work in New Brunswick permanently. Immigration New Brunswick (INB) wants to increase and sustain Francophone immigration to the province.

    NB Transport Truck Driver

    One of New Brunswick’s PNP streams needs the applicant to hold a job offer as a transport truck driver. This stream is not aligned with Express Entry. After receiving a nomination under the NBTTD stream, an applicant can apply for Permanent Residency in the federal government of Canada.

    Atlantic Immigration Program

    It is a separate pathway to Canada PR for skilled foreign workers and international graduates from a post-secondary institution in the Atlantic region of Canada who want to work and live In New Brunswick. The program helps registered companies hire skilled and qualified candidates for jobs they have yet to be able to fill locally.
    New Brunswick operates more streams like NB Critical Worker Pilot and New Private Career College Graduate Pilot Program. Critical Worker Pilot is a pilot program that addresses critical labour gaps in many sectors and across various regions in the province. NPCCGP program is for international graduates with the education, skills, and work experience to contribute to the economy and live and work there permanently.
    Top Reasons to Visit Canada

    Overview of the New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program

    New Brunswick participates in the Canada Provincial Nominee Program on a regular basis, besides the popular Express Entry process and Atlantic Immigration Program, to invite highly skilled workers to add to the region’s robust economy. NBPNP is an economic immigration program that provides a straightforward pathway to secure Canadian permanent residence for overseas skilled workers. There are many reasons for Canada’s PR application through the NBPNP pathway:
    So, if you have the required work experience and qualifications, you can migrate to Canada through New Brunswick PNP from Saudi Arabia.

    Eligibility Criteria for New Brunswick PNP

    To get a New Brunswick nomination for Canada PR, the applicant must meet the following general criteria under various streams:
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    Eligibility Criteria For Economic Immigration
    Migrate to New Brunswick in Canada

    Why Migrate to New Brunswick in Canada

    New Brunswick is the largest of Canada’s three Maritime provinces and is the only officially bilingual province. English and French have been the two official languages in the province since 1969. Forestry, manufacturing, and mining are the primary industries, and the province is regarded as a leader in North America for forest management.

    The northeastern province has beautiful valleys, hills, rivers, lakes, and recreational sites. The province has witnessed migration on a smaller scale compared to other provinces. However, the New Brunswick Canada, the government has become proactive in attracting new immigrants to soak in a multicultural society.

    According to Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA), International immigration added 7,464 people to New Brunswick’s population in the third quarter of 2022. It was a rise of 105.7% from the same quarter in 2021. It was the first time international immigration in NB surpassed 6,000 in a particular quarter. The unemployment rate in the province was 6.30% for February 2023, compared to 7.50% in January 2023 and 7.50% last year. This long-term average of unemployment in the province is 10.97%.

    Documents Required for New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program

    Before applying for New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program to avail of Canada PR, ensure the following documents are ready in digital format:

    Application Process for NBPNP

    To apply for Canada PR from Saudi Arabia under NBPNP, you require three stages of approval:
    Immigration application Step one

    Submit an EOI showing you meet the eligibility criteria of a particular stream. The government of New Brunswick (GNB) reviews EOIs and makes its selections based on economic needs in the province.

    Immigration application Step Two

    If GNB selects your EOI, you can apply for NBPNP nomination by submitting an online application. Your application will be evaluated, and you will get a nomination certificate.

    Immigration application Step three

    Attach the nomination certificate and apply to the Government of Canada for a PR visa via IRCC. It will process your application through the electronic management system. IRCC takes the final decision on issuing PR.

    Why Choose DM Consultant Saudi Arabia?

    Permanent Residence in Canada through New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program requires many complex steps. Professional assistance is needed to make your immigration journey easy. By choosing DM Immigration Consultants in Saudi Arabia, you will get help completing the application, arranging the necessary documentation, giving IELTS training, and preparing for the interview to ensure your application is approved without any major hassles. We also help you search for New Brunswick jobs.


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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on
    New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program

    New Brunswick is the largest of Canada’s three Maritime provinces and is the only officially bilingual province. It is a beautiful Atlantic province with a low living cost and numerous job opportunities. Many Saudi Arabian residents consider Canada a top immigration destination, and NBPNP is one of the easy options to bag Canada PR.
    New Brunswick’s Express Entry stream works with the federal Express Entry immigration selection system in Canada. After a successful EOI and nomination from GNB, candidates receive an extra 600 CR points under this stream, resulting in an Invitation To Apply for Canada PR issued at a subsequent draw from the Express Entry pool.
    New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program is an easy pathway to Canadian Permanent Residence. The processing time is dependent upon allocations by the federal immigration department, application volumes, and labour market needs in the province. GNB usually processes nomination applications within 3 months to best support the goals of New Brunswick’s provincial immigration programs. IRCC then takes 9-12 months in most cases to process your applications and issue you a PR.
    Many organisations in New Brunswick provide services to help newcomers settle down. GNB also conducts free programs to help immigrants integrate into the community system. Assistance in accommodation, job search, language classes, child’s admission, social services, and other services allow you to overcome obstacles while settling in New Brunswick. DM Immigration also provides complementary post-landing services in Canada, which cover most of the applicant’s requirements.
    As part of any NBPNP application, candidates must submit a Settlement Plan. They also sign an ‘intention to reside’ document. However, Canadian citizens and permanent residents can work and live anywhere across Canada. Once individuals acquire PR, they can move anywhere in Canada per national laws. You must keep IRCC informed about status changes and ensure you haven’t signed any binding agreement.
    The Canada PR application process through the New Brunswick PNP pathway can be complex, and a candidate needs professional assistance to save money and time. DM Consultant Saudi Arabia works with a qualified team of ICCRC-certified immigration consultants, and we will help you throughout the process.