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    F&B Supervisors or restaurant supervisors (CAD 18-24 K)

    Role Preposition

    The F&B Supervisor is responsible for creating a good experience for our guests while also guiding the Food & Beverage operations behind the scenes. The F&B Supervisor is the primary support for the Food & Beverage Manager and is in a unique position to get an in-depth grasp of F&B operations. This information will add to the successful candidates' professional experience, opening up prospects for progress both within and externally in the Tourism / Hospitality business.


    • Communicates often with other supervisors and managers regarding the status of the day's work Communicates frequently with guest contacts to ensure that their needs are satisfied
    • Supervises and trains employees to keep work areas, public areas, and storage areas clean.
    • To receive orders from managers and guests and to communicate with members of various departments, you must be able to read and interpret English.
    • Understanding of food preparation and customer service
    • Knowledge in restaurant administration, food preparation, and food safety are required.
    • Good Knowledge of food and beverage operations and preparation techniques
    • Established ability to work well under pressure.

    Chef (CAD 20-26 K)

    Role Preposition

    We have an amazing opportunity for an experienced professional to join our team as a culinary chef. This position is in charge of planning, arranging, conducting, and supervising the food preparation and cooking for all eating restaurants and catered event activities.


    • Good scratch culinary skills are required, as well as the ability to be innovative with modern presentations.
    • Must have good supervising and leadership ability in human resources.
    • All applicants must pass the required Criminal Records Check.

    Registered Nurses, Canada (CAD 24 -30 K/year)

    Role Preposition

    We offer you the opportunity to join a vibrant team as well as a challenging workplace and a full package of rewards and privileges. We invite you to join our team, which is known for specializing in hospital staffing. We have an acute need for Registered Nurses to work in a variety of hospital settings within the next few weeks.


    • Restores and improves patients' health by completing the nursing process.
    • Works with physicians and members of a multidisciplinary team.
    • Offers physical and psychological assistance to patients, friends, and families.
    • Identifies patient care needs through building personal rapport with patients and their families.
    • Creates a compassionate environment by offering emotional, psychological, and spiritual support to patients, friends, and families.
    • Ensures quality of care by adhering to therapeutic standards and assessing health outcomes against patient care goals and hospital or regulatory standards.

    Retail sales supervisors (CAD 20-24 K)

    Role Preposition

    We are looking for a Retail Sales Supervisor to join our team. This is a physically tough and fast-paced position. The position demands an outgoing person with excellent time management and customer service skills.

    Roles and Responsibilities:

    • Recognize client needs and provide answers and support
    • Respond to potential customer queries and follow-up calls
    • Conduct lead research using company directories, web searches, and digital resources
    • The sales team will provide follow-up leads and samples.
    • Provide timely customer service to retain existing consumers.
    • Create price policies through recruiting, hiring, and training new sales reps.
    • Supervise the sales team's activities.
    • When closing sales, collaborate with the sales team.
    • Track performance and sales indicators on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis
    • Meet all sales quotas and objectives

    Accountants (CAD 26 -34 K)

    Role Preposition

    This role reports to the Supervisor, Accounting, and is responsible for accurately and timely recording of financial transactions each month. This includes reviewing final costing for work orders, preparing invoices, doing account reconciliations and analyses, reconciling banking transactions, revising journal entries, and completing and assisting with financial report preparation.

    Roles and Responsibilities:

    • Reconcile your finances
    • Prepare a book trial balance.
    • Journal entries should be posted here.
    • Keep track of your general ledgers and financial statements.
    • Calculate and prepare payroll checks.
    • Prepare a variety of different statistical, financial, and accounting reports as needed.
    • Using both manual and electronic bookkeeping methods, keep financial records and establish, maintain, and balance various accounts.

    Process Detail

    • 2 Years Job Contract (Pathway to PR – CEC after 1 year of experience)
    • IELTS – CLB 5 (We will provide training for the same through British Council Experts) Required after interview
    • Minimum Experience – 1.5 Years in similar field (All documentation checklist will be shared)
    • Minimum Education – Diploma

    Process Flow:

    • Registration – We shall register you with the system and send you document checklist for the entire program
    • Job Interview – After reviewing the documents, we shall further arrange interview rounds with the employer
    • After Job Offer, LMIA Application – Once the interview is done, we shall get you the Job Offer from the employer and further apply for LMIA
    • LMIA Approval and Visa Application – Once the LMIA is approved, we shall further apply for a Work Permit

    Process Timeline:

    • Interview – Within 20-60 days after Registration
    • Job Offer – Within 2-4 Weeks of Interview
    • LMIA – Within 2-4 Months from the Job Offer
    • Visa – Within 12 - 28 Weeks from the Application Submission(Depending upon country to country)

    Government Charges involved, approx.:

    • Visa
    • Biometrics
    • Medicals
    • PCC
    Pay Online