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    Do you plan to work in Canada, Poland, or Czech Republic? You will require an employment offer, a work permit, and a valid visa to enter the country. Skilled professionals get a better salary, boost their profile, and enjoy a quality of life by working abroad.

    However, the work visa application process can take time and effort. Foreign countries, especially Europe and North America, have stringent policies and procedures to approve work visa applications.

    Registered professional consultants can ease your process with their knowledge and expertise. DM is the best work visa consultant in Saudi Arabia and can help you avail of a work permit visa hassle-free for your chosen destination. Our licensed visa consultants have a good track record in providing affordable and result-oriented services to our clients to secure Work permit Saudi Arabia to the destination of your choice. Contact us today for a FREE consultation. Our experienced team will resolve all your queries and provide details about the work visa application process.

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    Working and settling abroad is a great way to improve your quality of life and upskill your career. However, with so many countries offering many opportunities, choosing isn’t easy unless you want to join your family, friends, or relatives in a particular country. If you still need clarification about which countries to shortlist, we will help you make the right choice. We offer professional work visa services in the following countries:

    Czech Republic Work Visa

    Poland Work Visa

    Canada Work Visa

    NSNP is a citizenship and immigration program designed to attract experienced business owners, senior business managers, and long-time entrepreneurs.

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      Benefits of working abroad

      Working in a developed country in Europe or North America guarantees higher salaries in a superior currency like dollars and euros, ideal work-life balance, and quality of life with healthcare and educational benefits. For Saudi passport holders and residents, working in a foreign country can be a practical way to get exposed to new cultures and local languages and develop an individual perspective. Working abroad also puts an individual in a challenging environment away from home comfort to bring out the best foot forth. Below are some of the benefits that come with working abroad in countries with stronger economies.
      Skilled Immigration Consultant in Saudi Arabia

      How can DM Consultants Saudi Arabia Help you Securing Work Permits?

      DM Consultants Saudi Arabia has nearly a decade of professional experience providing work permit visas, visit visas, and immigration services for European and North American countries from the Middle East and India. We have a good track record of getting successful visa approvals. We can assist you in the entire application process and support you in proper communication with concerned authorities through our legal experts. You can apply through the concerned country’s embassy or consulate in Saudi Arabia or an authorised application center like VFS Global Riyadh. Start today your work visa application process by registering with us. We can ease your journey of work permit authorisation. We work with authorised consultants who remain abreast of the frequent changes in work visa rules. We help clients in Saudi Arabia to get work permits for Canada, Poland, and the Czech Republic. After approval, we also check visa validity KSA to ensure your smooth migration journey. Schedule a FREE Consultation session to know how we will ease your journey.

      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Work Permit Visa

      Work permits often involve less paperwork, and the processing times are generally quicker when compared to a permanent residence application. Therefore, you can enter the country faster. It can make you eligible for permanent residence, which has enormous benefits depending on the country.
      A work permit authorises foreigners to work in a select country, while a visa is a document of travel that allows legal entry into that country. Each has specific eligibility criteria and varied application processes. DM work visa consultants in Saudi Arabia can help you know the process, check your eligibility and support you in the application processes by providing legal support.
      The following job occupations are generally in-demand in many developed countries of Europe and North America.
      • Technology and Business sector
      • Education
      • Tourism, F&B and Hospitability
      • International Development & Humanitarian Aid
      • Engineering, Construction, and Contracting
      • Health care
      DM work permit visa consultants in Saudi Arabia can assist you with visa applications for developed countries like Canada, Poland, and Czech Republic.
      Working in a developed country in Europe or North America guarantees a higher salary in a superior currency like dollars and euros, ideal work-life balance, and quality of life with healthcare and educational benefits. Below are some benefits of working abroad in countries with a more robust economy to boost your resume.
      • Unlimited job vacancies
      • Higher salary in superior currency
      • Exposure to a new culture and local languages
      • Quality of life and access to advanced healthcare facilities
      • Learn new language
      • Personal development and learning new skills
      • Expand your network
      Poland is a Schengen country, but you can’t work on a Schengen visa; you will need a valid work permit to perform the job.
      • A registered Polish employer must apply for a work permit at the local Voivodeship office (Governor’s Office in Poland).
      • Apply for a work visa at the concerned embassy.
      • Enter Poland and start working.
      The Poland work permit allows them to work and stay in Europe. The work permit is mainly valid for three years. We work with experts in Poland who can make the process easy and smooth.
      The duration of the Czech Republic work visa is between 1-3 years. The term can be for a limited (3 months) or temporary job contract. You must apply for permanent residence or a work permit extension to stay longer in Czechia. If you want a work visa extension, you must continue working with the same Czech Republic employer in the same position as in the existing visa. Apply for a new permit if you plan to change your employer.
      Canada is a preferred destination for work and immigration due to its immense job opportunities. The country is often looking for skilled professionals to fill labour gaps in the market. However, the designated Canadian employer has to prove to the government that the hired foreign skilled worker can perform better in that particular job than any local Canadian permanent resident or citizen. They may need an LMIA document. We can assist you in your job search via our sister concern in Canada. Our Canadian experts also know the job market and many recruitment agencies. Contact our ICCRC-certified work visa agents in Saudi Arabia for complete information.