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    Are you planning an easy pathway for Canada permanent residence? You can do so through Canada Economic Immigration Programs! The Canadian government invites immigrants who can boost the country’s economy and fill in the labour gaps. It is the best option for those who need to score more points through Express Entry and Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) to make the final cut. Your contribution to the country and eligibility can lead to economic citizenship for Canada.

    Start an application for Economic Immigration to Canada from Saudi Arabia with the help of ICCRC-registered DM Consultants. Getting Canada PR will allow you to work, study and settle in the country.

    Choose Canada Economic Immigration Programs

    Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) offer many skilled and business programs to help individuals who will contribute to the economy seek permanent residence. Economic Immigration to Canada from Dammam and other cities is an easy pathway for an applicant to become a resident.

    Applicants with related occupational skills and experience that meet Canadian labour market needs can apply under three categories. It includes occupations like, management occupations, technical occupations, and skilled trades.

    Atlantic Immigration Program

    Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP) welcomes foreigners with relevant job offers in a specific Atlantic region to obtain permanent residence. The applicants should receive an endorsement by an Atlantic province and fulfil minimum work experience, educational qualification, and language proficiency requirements. The Atlantic areas participating in the program include four provinces namely: Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island.

    Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot

    Canada Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP) is for immigrants who plan to launch a farming operation in a rural community and contribute to its economic growth. With the RNIP initiative, the Canadian government is also backing overseas professionals with skills from diverse sectors who wish to live in rural areas where more population growth and economic activity are needed.

    Morden's Community Driven Immigration Initiative

    MCDII invites global skilled workers to Morden, especially tech specialists. This community driven initiative provides a pathway for immigrants through Manitoba Provincial Nominee and various other programs to become a crucial part of Morden’s flourishing community and to contribute to its booming economic growth.

    Why Economic Immigration to Canada from Riyadh under Federal Skilled Worker Program

    In the particular North American country due to its numerous opportunities in the job market. The Canadian immigration authorities have made many pathways for skilled workers to under the federal skilled worker program. For Economic Immigration to Canada from Riyadh skilled workers should possess the skill set that matches the requirements in a particular region. A record number of immigrants in 2021 came to Canada, with 405,999 permanent residents, showing a 120% increase from the pandemic hit in 2020. The country aims to welcome 447,055 immigrants in 2023 and 451,000 in 2024. This immigration rush in the calendar year 2021, played an important role in supporting the economic recovery of the country during the Covid-19 and filling crucial gaps in the labour market and essential services sectors.

    The main reasons why foreigners prefer Canada PR are as under:

    Overview Of Canada

    Boost your points under Express Entry or
    Provincial Nominee Program

    Economic Immigration to Canada from Jeddah and other cities in Saudi Arabia allow candidates to get recommendation from an Atlantic region, participating communities in rural areas and other areas and boost comprehensive ranking system (CRS) score in the express entry pool. After getting recommendation from a specific region, provinces nominate skilled worker candidates for permanent residency. Nomination adds up to 600 points in the express entry profile.

    Government designs Canada’s immigration programs at federal and provincial level to attract or retain qualified and expert skilled workers and professionals, caregivers, self-employed immigrants, and lowly skilled workers employed by the vital sectors in Canada and tradesmen coming under the federal skilled trades program. They act as easy pathways to Canada PR visa which can lead to Canadian citizenship. Temporary foreign workers can use equivalent paid work experience under different visa programs like Canadian experience class to boost profile in express entry system. Canadian provinces with certain immigration selection factors nominate immigrants with specific occupations to get higher ranking in the express entry program. Canadian authorities check all your canadian educational credential after you submit all your educational transcripts, language test score to showcase language proficiency test.

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      Eligibility Criteria for Economic Immigration Canada

      The logic behind the Economic Immigration Programs in Canada is to attract skilled professionals and investors who can add to the economy of that particular region in Canada. To be eligible to apply for Canadian Permanent Residence through these economic programs, the applicants must fulfil the following requirements:
      We at Canada immigration consultants in Saudi Arabia offer Free consultation to assess your eligibility.
      Eligibility Criteria For Economic Immigration

      How Can DM Immigration Consultants in Saudi
      Arabia Assist you?

      DM immigration consultants in Saudi Arabia work with registered Canadian immigration lawyers to make the immigration journey easy for you through Canada express entry. Highest scoring candidates in engineering related fields and in-demand occupations have more chances to be successful applicants and gain economic opportunities.

      Candidates with foreign credential can get temporary residence on business visa, work visa and add to Canadian society. Foreign country citizens after getting nominations under programs managed in respective jurisdictions can become permanent residents and eventually Canadian citizens.

      Sign up with us to apply for a Canada PR from Saudi Arabia through various Economic Programs. We provide the following services to make the application process to become Canadian permanent residents smooth and easy:


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      Our experts will help you in document arrangement to increase chances of application approval. We will guide you on how to get the pending document within the required timeframe.

      Application process

      Application process

      Once we are sure that all the documents have been arranged, we will start your visa application process. We will assign a dedicated case officer who will regularly update you on application status.

      Complimentary services

      Complimentary services

      Our services continue after approval. We ensure you board a safe flight and that your journey is smooth. We also assist in searching for jobs, accommodation, and registration in the new country.

      Get Ready to Fly

      Get Ready to Fly

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      IELTS is the most popular test for the English language in Canada. You can increase your CRS score by getting more than IELTS CLB (7 and more) through professional training. DM Immigration Consultants is the official partner of the British Council and provides the best IELTS preparatory courses in the Middle East with a team of expert certified trainers. Besides FREE training, we provide easy access to the IELTS handbook and other study material.
      Economic immigrants are individuals from abroad selected on the basis of their ability and skills to contribute to the Canadian economy. It includes skilled workers, business immigrants, provincial and territorial nominees, domestic workers, etc. Immigration improves potential economic output by increasing the size of the labour force.
      The immigration authorities in Canada use a point-based system for selecting skilled immigrants and nominating them for Canada PR. There are usually six selection factors to fetch you points, a minimum of 67 out of 100.
      • Language proficiency in English or French
      • Education credentials proof from the authorised authority
      • Relevant work experience from the Skilled Occupation List
      • Minimum age of 18
      • Valid offer from a Canadian employer
      • Adaptability
      Canada Immigration Authority (IRCC) offers various programs to create a pathway for skilled professionals in providing permanent residence in Canada. AIP attracts individuals with job offers in a specific Atlantic region. RNIP is for foreign entrepreneurs who wish to launch farming businesses in rural communities and add to Canada’s economic growth. MCDII invites skilled workers worldwide, especially from the technology field.
      Yes, you can apply for more than one program to get a Canada PR visa. However, the qualification and documents required can vary depending on the province and specific program. However, IRCC has to approve only one application and you have to withdraw another application before any decision is made. After the process begins, you will not get a refund for withdrawing your application. Schedule a FREE consultation with the leading Canadian immigration consultancy in Saudi Arabia to get professional expertise and guidance during application.
      IELTS is the most popular test for the English language in Canada. You can increase your CRS score by getting more than IELTS CLB (7 and more) through professional training. DM Immigration Consultants is the official partner of the British Council and provides the best IELTS preparatory courses in the Middle East with a team of expert certified trainers. Besides FREE training, we provide easy access to the IELTS handbook and other study material.