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    Benefits of Canada

    Benefits of Northern Immigration Pilot RNIP

    RNIP Canada Program Consultants Saudi Arabia

    Do you want to seek Canadian immigration but need help to qualify through Express Entry and popular Provincial Nominee Programs? No need to worry; you still keep the Canadian immigration dream alive by targeting the rural areas through the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program. RNIP Canada Program is an economic immigration program that acts as a pathway for Canada permanent residence for foreigners with specific abilities, education, and work experience that will boost the economy in Canada.

    As a trusted Canada immigration consultant in Saudi Arabia, we at DM can assist you in migration through the RNIP Canada program Saudi Arabia. We work with ICCRC certified consultants who know the entire process and legalities and can properly guide you. Schedule a FREE consultation with RNIP Canada consultants in Saudi Arabia to learn more about it.

    Provinces that Participate in RNIP Program Canada

    Canada welcomed 50 new permanent residents through RNIP in its first year in 2020, skyrocketing to 555 in 2021. It doubled in the first half of 2022, allowing 1,130 New migrants to settle in eleven different eligible communities. The RNIP is modeled on the Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP) after its sounding success. It has a ceiling cap of 2,750 principal applicants per year. The RNIP program Canada is active in the following provinces in Canada.


    The Ontario RNIP is an opportunity for immigrants seeking permanent residency in the province but is not eligible through Express Entry or Ontario PNP. They can become eligible to reside in five rural parts of the province with a job offer.


    The program attracts skilled workers to two eligible rural areas in Manitoba. The applicant must have an official job offer in an authorised occupation to be eligible, and the applicant must also meet all criteria of Federal Immigration in Canada.

    British Columbia

    British Columbia’s RNIP program aims to encourage, skilled and qualified workers to come to eligible rural parts of the province. In addition to community-specific eligibility requirements, the applicant should also have a valid job offer.


    The Alberta RNIP helps in the economic immigration of capable foreign workers to eligible rural areas in Alberta to promote education in the community and economic empowerment. It provides an easy pathway to permanent residency in Canada.


    The Alberta RNIP helps in the immigration of skilled foreign workers to an eligible rural areas in Alberta. This pilot program is for those who can’t be elected to migrate to Alberta and seek Canada PR through Express Entry or the Alberta PNP program.


    Rural and Northern Immigration Program in Saskatchewan authorises candidates to get permanent residence in Canada by settling in one of its eligible rural parts of the province. To know if you qualify, contact our Canadian immigration consultants today!

    Overview of RNIP Program Canada

    Northern Immigration Pilot RNIP is a community-driven program to improve the economy of smaller communities in rural and semi-urban areas. This initiative is based on the recommendation of the eligible participating communities to encourage the migration of skilled workers. The five-year federal immigration program implemented in 2020 helps small rural and northern communities with aging population and labour gaps to attract and retain new immigrants and their family members.

    The participating communities for RNIP program for Canada must fulfill the following criteria:

    The communities must fulfill the following criteria to be eligible for RNIP:

    Morden Community Driven Immigration

    A total of eleven eligible communities participate in RNIP Canada:

    Features of Canada Immigration RNIP Program

    Canada Immigration RNIP Program is a Pilot Program that permits aspirants to apply for Canada PR who otherwise are not eligible for popular regions in the country but can excel in these small communities by satisfying community specific requirements. It benefits foreigners who want to work and live in one of the eleven participating communities in Canada.

    Skilled workers having job in national occupational classification and International students fulfilling all the essential duties get valid temporary resident status upon approval. The candidate getting document from recommending community and thumbs up from local economic development organization to apply for Canada PR through RNIP Program.

    Apply for the RNIP immigration Canada with DM today and become a permanent resident in any one of the 11 promising communities in Canada.

    Eligibility Criteria for RNIP Canada Program

    RNIP Canada Program helps address the labour gaps in Canada’s rural and northern areas. The experience criteria mainly depend on the Training, Education, Experience, and Responsibilities (TEER) required for an occupation. Some of the main eligibility requirements are:
    Migrate to New Brunswick in Canada
    Documents Required

    Documents Required for Rural immigration Canada Application

    To process RNIP Canada Program Riyadh application, the candidate must arrange the following documents:

    Application Process for RNIP Program from Canada

    Listed below are the steps for Canadian permanent residency application through this economic pilot program:
    Immigration application Step one

    Meet the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and community-specific requirements for RNIP Canada Program Jeddah.

    Immigration application Step Two

    Secure eligible offer from any one of the eligible RNIP communities.

    Immigration application Step three

    Apply for a Provincial Nominee Program where the participating community is located.

    Immigration application Step Four

    The chosen province will send an Invitation to Apply through RNIP if you meet their eligibility requirements.

    Immigration application Step Five

    Apply for PR through IRCC after receiving provincial nomination.

    How can DM Consultant help you in applying for the Canada RNIP program?

    If you aim to migrate to Canada from Saudi Arabia through the RNIP Canada Program Dammam, the registered and regulated Canadian immigration agency in Saudi Arabia should undertake the application process. We help you find a welcoming community with established members, and a database of different employers and Canadian publicly funded institutions. We also help you satisfy Canadian language benchmark and settlement services in the RNIP community. Any misinformation or error in the application can lead to the denial of the application. We offer the following services to help you successfully apply for RNIP Canada:
    Schedule today a FREE consultation with our Canada Immigration Consultant in Saudi Arabia to learn more details about the eligibility criteria, application process, and documentation for Rural Northern Immigration Pilot Program.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The main eligibility requirements for RNIP Immigration Canada are:
    • A full time student with valid visa, post secondary program or Canadian relevant, or working legally with valid work permit
    • Education Credential Assessment by IRCC authorised body
    • Age 18 and above
    • Genuine job offer fitting with community needs
    • At least one work experience in the last three years in the relevant occupation
    • Required language proficiency

    There are many stages to the application process through RNIP Canada that affect processing times:
    The candidate with a full-time job offer sends the application to the Program Coordinator to get a community recommendation letter and waits for the response.
    The candidate applies for the PNP of the particular province to get a Nomination letter. Apply then for PR through IRCC which takes over the application process. For more details, please register with us.

    No, a candidate creates a profile through a particular community’s website and applies for a relevant job. The employer will decide on the job application. Vacancies from designated RNIP employers are available on the community’s Opportunities pages. Once an official job offer has been made, you will become eligible to apply for a Community Recommendation.
    Eleven communities from five provinces participate in RNIP. These participating communities include North Bay, Thunder Bay, Sudbury, Timmins, Altona/Rhineland, and Sault Ste. Marie, Moose Jaw, Claresholm, Vernon, Brandon, and West Kootenay (Trail, Castlegar, Rossland, Nelson). These communities belong to Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario, and Saskatchewan provinces.
    Yes, you can. Once you become a permanent resident, you can live, work or study anywhere in Canada. However, if you get PR through provincial nomination you are selected to bring skills to their territory. You must reside in a particular community that recommended you under the RNIP and honour the agreement.
    RNIP requires language proficiency, and IELTS is the most popular English test accepted in Canada. The IELTS test score depends on a specific occupation in which you want to apply and get a job offer. RNIP can even accept CLB 4 level IELTS which is almost 4 to 4.5 bands for occupations NOC level C/D. DM Immigration Consultants offers the best FREE IELTS training courses to increase your CLB score in partnership with the British Council.