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Developed countries like Canada and Australia constantly seek highly skilled foreign workers to boost their strong economies. Suppose you have the required occupational skills, expertise, and academic qualifications. In that case, you can achieve your goal of working overseas in Canada and Australia under the numerous Skilled Immigration Programs. DM Consultants Saudi Arabia can fast-track the process if you are a skilled worker searching for opportunities to move abroad for a better career and quality of life.

Canada and Australia have developed a skilled occupation list that provides the list of in-demand jobs in specific provinces and territories of these countries. The eligibility criteria, document arrangement, and overall application process are complex, and professional assistance is required.

DM Consultants is rated among the leading Skilled Immigration Consultants in Saudi Arabia. We have legal experts, qualified consultants, and the infrastructure to help you kick-start your immigration journey successfully. We have the infrastructure, workforce, technology, and network to fast-track the application process. Contact our consultants today to book a FREE consultation to learn more about Skilled Immigration from Saudi Arabia to Canada and Australia.

Select Your Country for Skilled Immigration

Canada and Australia are the popular choices for skilled immigrants worldwide as both developed countries offer a quality of life, tremendous work and business opportunities, and permanent residency, leading to second citizenship and more:


Canada issues temporary visas to nonimmigrants seeking entry for tourism, business, or to meet family, friends, or relatives. The online Electronic Travel Authorisation (eTA) allows foreigners to enter Canada. All outsiders, barring citizens from exempted countries, require a legal visit visa which typically has five-year validity and a maximum of six months' stay permission is a single entry.


You can visit Australia for family gatherings, short-term study courses, business meetings, conferences, seminars, medical treatment, and holidays. The candidate must satisfy the Home Affairs Department eligibility requirements for successful approval. There are many Australia visit visa options to choose from. You can stay upto 12 months in Australia, depending on the purpose of your visit.


The Schengen visit visa allows non-European nationals to visit 27 Schengen countries part of the European Union for up to three months within 6 months to travel or visit Europe for pleasure. Schengen visa opens gates to Europe, Whether your purpose of the visit is to meet family members, relatives, or friends or to take a leisure trip across the countries. It's the most extensive free travel zone worldwide.


A foreigner who plans to visit the United States must obtain a nonimmigrant visa placed in the visitor's passport. America issues B-1/B-2 visitor visas. Generally, the B-1 visa is for travelers for business conferences, attending scientific, professional, educational, or business conventions, etc. The B-2 tourist visa in USA covers travel for leisure, visiting friends or relatives, medical treatment, and social service activities.


The UK visit visa is a legal document that permits non-EEA nationals to visit the United Kingdom temporarily. The purpose of travel to the United Kingdom can be to perform short-term work, study courses, join immediate relatives for a family gathering or business tie-up, visit a tourist place, transit through the country, access private medical treatment, etc. The Standard UK Visit Visa is usually valid for 6 months.

About Skilled Immigration

Countries like Canada and Australia invite overseas professionals under Skilled Immigration Programs to fill labour shortages and add to the economy. These programs have eligibility criteria like work experience, proficiency in English or any other primary language, education credentials, and other factors.

The skilled immigration program in each country has many categories from which applicants can choose depending on their occupation and educational qualifications.

These skilled programs are designed to attract migrants who are capable of adding to the country’s economy and fill the positions left vacant due to unavailability of local talent. Skilled migrants form the bulk of the workforce in these countries, helping them to boost economic growth, which in turn creates more jobs.

The Skilled immigration programs stream is crucial in uplifting a particular place, territory, or province by providing skills and labour that can’t be sourced locally, boosting investment, and encouraging local spending in regional areas.

Migrate to Canada or Australia as Skilled Worker

Skilled immigration is for individuals selected to immigrate to Canada or Australia based on their work experience, skills, and higher educational qualifications.

Canada has a lower population compared to its vast area. According to the Labour Force Survey, in January 2023, Employment in Canada increased by 150K (+0.8%) in January, and the unemployment rate was steady at 5.0%. Canadian Passport has a power bank rank of fourth in the world, enabling Visa Free Travel to more than 112 countries and a mobility score of 172.

The candidate ideally needs a valid job offer or required qualifications and language proficiency to fit in various programs. After arriving in Canada, the candidates must provide evidence of bank balance to support themselves and their dependents.

Australia comprises the bulk mainland of the continent, Tasmania, and other Islands making it the 6th largest country in terms of area with 5.2% of the world’s land mass. Australian Passport has a global rank of four and an individual rank of 28 on the Passport Index, with a mobility score of 172. The candidate should be below 45, with a related occupation listed on the SKOL, proficient in English, and score minimum 65 points to get eligible for general skilled immigration program in Australia. The popular Skilled programs are Skilled Regional Sponsored Visa (Subclass 489), Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189), and Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190).

Both Canada and Australia offer the following benefits:

  • Exposure to multicultural society with benefits like Free School Education, subsidised higher education, easy access to advanced health care, etc.
  • Strong economies offer numerous career options and top quality of life.
  • The benefits pass on to family and other dependents besides the right to live, work and study.

Why Choose DM Skilled Immigration Consultant in Saudi Arabia?

The immigration requirements for Canada or Australia are complex, and small mistakes or negligence can result in a visa denial. Managing the process on your own can put you in a tight situation. A professional consultant aware of all the immigration policies can help you in a smooth process.

DM Immigration Consultant is the best immigration consultant in the Middle East. We work with experienced immigration consultants in Canada and Australia authorised by ICCRC and MARA, respectively.

We have helped thousands of clients in getting successful approval. In addition to making the immigration process smooth, we are committed to delivering our top-notch services cost-effectively.

From helping you select a skilled immigration program as per your requirements to guiding you in arranging the documents, application submission, resolving legal issues, and updating application status through smooth communication with immigration authorities, we will be at your service at every step.

For more details about top skilled immigration programs in Canada and Australia

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Skilled Immigration

Skilled workers become eligible for permanent residence based on their educational qualification, relevant work experience and training in a specific field, language proficiency, and other factors. University-educated skilled labourers include scientists, doctors, engineers, and teachers. Technical persons like machinists, drafters, plumbers, artisans, crane operators, CDL truck drivers, cooks, and accountants are included as vocationally educated workers.
The Migration Skills Assessment is for candidates who need assessment for skills as part of their visa application to the Australian Department of Home Affairs under skilled immigration. The MSA assessment makes it clear whether you possess the expertise and skills required in your nominated occupation in a particular region or area in Australia.
A candidate needs at least 67 out of 100 points to become eligible in Canada's Federal Skilled Worker stream. The invitation to apply for Canada PR will be based on the score and ranking in the collection of Express Entry using the Comprehensive Ranking System. The minimum qualifying score is 65 points under the general Skilled program in Australia.
Canadian government describes occupations by the NOC (National Occupational Classification). The NOC list will help you find relevant information, like job descriptions, education qualifications, etc., on related occupations in Canada's job market. The NOC helps employers get details for new job postings, and government agencies identify skills shortages in the Canadian job market through the NOC list, updated every 5 years.
No, you can apply for Canadian or Australian skilled immigration independently. However, there are frequent changes in immigration legislation and policies in these countries. Therefore, to avoid any glitches and for smooth processing, it is recommended to hire a professional immigration agency—DM Consultants Saudia Arabia, who can guide you through the eligibility requirements saving you precious money and time.
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