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    Do you want to travel to Australia temporarily? You will need a legal visit visa to explore the country’s beauty. The non immigrant temporary visa lets you visit Australia as a tourist, to meet family members and friends for business purposes or medical treatment. However, you must meet the requirements set by the Home Affairs Department of the Australian government.

    We at DM Immigration Consultants can assist you in acquiring an Australia Visit Visa from Saudi Arabia. DM, leading visa and immigration consultancy in Saudi Arabia, provides complete support in Australia visa applications through a customised process. We work with MARA-certified immigration experts and registered lawyers in Australia. With our specialisations and awareness, we have successfully assisted in our clients’ smooth Australian migration process under various visa categories.

    Australia Tourist Visa Categories

    Australia Tourist Visa has many categories based on the applicant’s travel requirements and nationality. The Australian immigration authorities issue single or multiple entry visit visas for either 3, 6, or 12 months.


    Tourists with subclass 600 visa travel to Australia for tourism, business purposes or to visit family for 3, 6, or 12 months. Tourists can stay in Australia for 3, 6, or 12 months. It has the sub-streams:


    On this subclass 651, you can visit Australia as often as you want in 12 months. You can stay up to 3 months every time you enter Australia. It is a multi-entry visa, free of cost, which allows outsiders to visit Australia to meet with their family members, enjoy a cruise and attend business conferences. You must apply from outside Australia and hold a passport from a specific country.


    It is a multiple-entry visa issued for one year. You can stay up to three months at a time. Using the Australian ETA App, you must apply outside Australia with an eligible passport. With this visa, you can visit family members or friends, cruise or have a holiday, and undertake business activities. You must be outside Australia when a decision is taken on your application.

    Top Reasons to Tour Australia

    Australia is a continent in itself, the southern hemisphere with unique natural wonders and exotic wildlife. Their winter is during the northern hemisphere’s summer and vice versa, so you can plan accordingly. It is one of the world’s remotest countries yet highly developed, and its captivating nature makes it worth a long flight from Riyadh or other major cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

    The Country Down Under has some of the best beaches in the world, and you can enjoy golden sunshine. It is home to stunning cities with rich cultural heritage, a strong economy, political stability, and a liberal view, and it always welcomes foreign travelers. From fascinating sceneries to extraordinary land and aquatic adventures, there is a lot you can do during your holidays in Australia. Contact us now to avail your Australia Tourist Visa from Saudi Arabia quickly.

    Eligibility Criteria For Australia

    Features of Australia Visitor Visa

    All foreigners will require a valid Visitor Visa Australia to enter the country. New Zealand passport holders have the option to apply for an arrival visa. You can apply for a range of Australian visa types at your closest Australian Embassy or Consulate, depending on your requirements, including tourist and working holiday visas.

    You can apply online for Australia visit visa from Dammam and other cities in Saudi Arabia on the Australian Department of Home Affairs website. You can travel to Australia temporarily for family gatherings, short academic courses, business meetups, seminars, medical treatment, and holidays. There were 2.1 million trips to Australia in the year ending September 2022. Visiting friends and relatives topped with 1.0 million trips, followed by Holiday travel, with 458,000 trips, and Business journeys, with 250,000 visits.

    Who Is Eligible For Visiting Australia?

    The eligibility criteria vary according to the stream.

    Tourist Stream

    This stream lets you tour Australia, meet family members and friends, or for purposes other than medical treatment or business trip. You can be inside Australia at the time of application and visa decision or you can apply from outside and wait for your decision. You can stay up to 12 months.

    Sponsored Family Stream

    This visa stream lets sponsored people visit Australia to visit their families. The sponsorship is usually from family, friends, or relatives who are permanent residents or Australian citizens. You can stay up to 12 months on family sponsorship.

    Business Stream

    This visa stream lets you visit Australia for business reasons. You can make a short business trip and reside in Australia for up to 3 months, but you can't work or sell goods or services. It is suited for entrepreneurs for a business conference, signing, or meeting in Australia.

    Australia Visit Visa Requirements from Saudi Arabia

    The following are the general requirements for Australia Visit Visa Requirements from Saudi Arabia:
    The Australian DHA decides on the candidate’s visa approval. The applicant needs to be present to give biometric data.
    Documents Required For Australia

    Documents Required for Australia Visit Visa from Riyadh

    The general documents required for Australia Visit Visa from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia are mentioned below:

    Application Process for Australia Visit Visa from Jeddah

    You can secure Australia visit visa from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia by following the steps:
    Immigration application Step one

    Choose the suitable visa stream based on travel purposes and nationality

    Immigration application Step Two

    Arrange your documents as per requirements

    Immigration application Step three

    Complete the application form with all the details

    Immigration application Step Four

    Temporary Visa Fees payment receipt

    Immigration application Step Five

    Apply online or through designated VFS Global Centre by Australian Embassy

    Immigration application Step Six

    Schedule an appointment

    Immigration application Step Seven

    DHA of the Australian government will decide on your application.

    How can DM Consultants guide you in Australia Visit Visa Approval?

    The application process for Australia Visit Visa seems simple, but any minor mistake can compound problems and lead to the rejection of a visa. Therefore, expert guidance is critical for visa approval. If you are unsure how to begin the visa application, contact DM Consultants in Saudi Arabia now!

    With a qualified team of MARA-certified consultants, DM can provide you with the best visa assistance in KSA. We are rated as the top immigration consultancy in Saudi Arabia, having served over 25,000 clients in getting successful visa approvals without any major problems.

    We will brief you about the entire application process in a transparent manner. Our professional case officers will be at your side during the application process to ensure an error-free visa application, and all documents are attached according to the requirements.

    For further information on our immigration services, you can request a call back. You can also contact us for a free consultation after you decide to visit Australia for a cruise, family meeting on a business trip. For citizens of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and other GCC countries the process is more easy. Visit our website and get free consultation from our legal experts who know rule changes in immigration authorities. Be in cruise control of your application.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Australia is one of the world’s most remote destinations but still highly developed and with a robust economy. Australia has some of the world’s best beaches, and you can enjoy golden sunshine. It is home to stunning cities with rich cultural heritage, a strong economy, political stability, and a liberal view, and it always welcomes foreigners. From fascinating sceneries to amazing land and aquatic adventures, there is a lot you can do during your holidays in Australia. DM offers professional Visit Visa services to make your application process easier.
    After the interview and acceptance of the visa application, 90% of the visas are processed in 35 Days in the subclass 600 tourist stream. The applicant’s visa may take longer to process if the information required for your application needs to be completed or added, and your application needs to be explained in simple terms. The passport with all the travel documents must be valid for six months, at least from the travel date. The applicant also must show strong intent to return to the native country.
    Tourist visas are valid for 3, 6, and 12 months after entry, depending on the travel purpose. Outsiders can enter Australia to attend family gatherings, meet relatives and friends, short business trips or enjoy holidays. Australian tourist visas offer individuals single and multiple entries based on their requirements. On a multiple-entry visa, an applicant can enter Australia as many times during visa validity with a 3-month maximum stay per entry.
    An applicant must satisfy the eligibility criteria set by the Department of Home Affairs in Australia for the flawless process of an Australian visit visa from Saudi Arabia. If you are planning a trip to Australia, begin your application process today with us by receiving help from the best visa agents in Saudi Arabia. We are experts in the field and can guide you in the application with great expertise. Our professional will ensure you avoid making mistakes and prevent any unwanted delays in the application to save your money and precious time.
    Australian Immigration authorities can refuse a visa due to misleading information in the application or missing document. The DHA wants to be sure that the individual is visiting Australia for valid reasons and intends to return after the visa expiry. You must convince the authorities that you will return to your native country after visa expiry and prove financial stability to bear travel expenses.
    No minimum balance is required to process the application. But the applicant must prove sufficient funding to bear travel expenses and accommodation charges which range from a minimum of AUD 1000 per month. The applicant can demonstrate funds through a bank statement of the personal account. An applicant can show that a family member offers financial support through a sponsor’s bank statement and evidence of a family relationship.
    The main difference between the two visas is their eligibility requirements. The electronic visa is only available to citizens of specific countries as per policies of the Australian and particular country’s governments. The Visitor visa for Australia is available to all countries who are not eligible for the electronic visa. With both these visa types you can travel to any place in Australia. You can take up a vocational course or study if the course can be completed within 3 months.