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Do you wish to move to Canada from Saudi Arabia for a better life and career growth? Canada is an excellent destination for immigrants, and Canada Atlantic Immigration Program is one of the accessible pathways for permanent residence. After securing Canada PR through AIP, you can freely study, work and reside in the country.

As a trusted and registered Canadian immigration agency in Saudi Arabia, DM has helped over then thousand candidates worldwide to realise their immigration dreams. So, if you want to use the AIP pathway to migrate to Canada, contact our ICCRC-certified consultants today. Our AIP Canada consultants in Saudi Arabia can help you to make your immigration journey smooth and successful. Schedule a FREE Consultation with us to begin the application process for Canada PR application.

Overview of AIP Program Canada

AIP Program Canada is an economic immigration platform encouraging skilled immigrants to move to Atlantic provinces and address labour shortages.

Earlier introduced as Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program – AIPP Canada – the program became an instant success and was made permanent in December 2021 as AIP to continue to promote the economic advancement of Atlantic regions in Canada.

AIP runs through a strategic partnership between the Government of Canada and four provinces in Atlantic Canada. These provinces are:

  • New Brunswick
  • Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Nova Scotia
  • Prince Edward Island

Designated employers in the above provinces are allowed to hire skilled workers from outside for specific jobs in the National occupation Classification list that locals can’t perform. The governments of these provinces designate companies to post jobs and skilled candidates apply on their websites to get employment offer and qualify for AIP Canada Visa.

Choose Your Canada AIP Program

Applicants can get eligible for permanent residence through three Canada AIP streams:

High-Skilled Program

Through this program, highly skilled foreign workers with a job offer from an employer in Atlantic Canada can apply for permanent residence. These are mainly experienced management or technical professionals.

Intermediate Skilled Program

It facilitates the immigration of foreign workers with specific job training or high-school education in relevant fields. The applicant needs a valid job offer to become eligible for this program.

International Graduate Program

It is for International graduates who have recently completed a degree from an Atlantic Institution on an AIP Study visa. The applicant can apply for Permanent Residence in Canada without requiring work experience.

Eligibility Criteria to Apply for Canada Atlantic Programs

A benefit of the AIP is that the eligibility criteria are less than other Canadian immigration programs. It allows applications with work experience (NOC skill level C), and the requirements for eligible work experience are easy. Each AIP program has its eligibility criteria to be met by the employer and the employee. The general conditions are:

  • Full-time job offer from the designated employer in any of the Atlantic provinces
  • Require work experience in a specific occupation
  • Degree from a recognised institution in any of these provinces for the Atlantic International Graduate Program
  • Fulfill educational credentials and language proficiency requirements

Application Process for Canada AIP Program

Three are usually three stages for Canadian migration from Saudi Arabia via Atlantic Immigration Program:

Employers designation

The Atlantic Provinces designate an employer running a successful business in any of the four provinces in the Atlantic region based on a good performance in business and economic activities.

Employer Position Endorsement

The employer has to prove that a Canadian citizen can’t perform a specific job. To recruit skilled foreigners, employers must create an offer letter and settlement plan co-signed by the job applicant.

Apply for Canada PR

Complete the application for permanent residence in Canada, attach all the relevant documents, and after review, send it to IRCC. The application will take about six months, and you must wait for approval before migrating to Canada.

Documents necessary for Canada Atlantic Immigration Program

The candidate needs the following documents to apply for AIP Canada:

  • Graduate degree from Atlantic Institution for International Graduate Program
  • Travel documents and passport
  • Provincial nomination confirmation letter
  • Proof of language proficiency
  • Evidence of living in Atlantic province for recent International graduates
  • Evidence of previous work experience
  • Proof of funds
  • Character certificate from Police and positive health report
  • Must satisfy all fund requirements

How DM Consultants can help in AIP Application

The process of Canada PR application is complex, and you will need professional expertise for successful application under the AIP program pathway of Canada’s economic immigration. By choosing DM, the leading Canadian migration agency in Saudi Arabiayou will get complete assistance in the entire process. Our services include:

  • Information about various AIP programs and what will suit you the most
  • Guidance in application filing, arrangement of documents, and resolving queries
  • Assistance in acquiring Educational Certificate Assessment from IRCC authorised agency
  • Free preparatory courses to increase language proficiency in English
  • Prepare you for an interview
  • Provide job assistance in Canada as part of post-landing service

Our professional ICCRC-registered consultants in Saudi Arabia will help you to pick the right pathway to Canada PR.


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Frequently Asked Questions on Atlantic Immigration Program

The Atlantic Immigration Program has easy eligibility criteria than other Canada PR pathways. The essential requirement is to get a valid job offer from a designated company in any of the four Atlantic provinces. The AIP accepts applications with work experience (NOC skill level C), and the requirements are easy. AIP applications for obtaining permanent residence are processed at a reasonable speed.
Yes, the earlier Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program was made permanent in December 2021 through a new program called the AIP. This program continues to improve the economic growth of the Atlantic regions in Canada. Four provinces, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Prince Edward Island, participate in the Atlantic pilot program.
A few essential requirements for Canada AIP programs are:
  • Genuine employment offer from a registered company under the highly skilled or intermediate program
  • Diploma or degree certificate from an institution recognised in the four regions under the Atlantic International Graduate Program.
  • Language proficiency and Educational credentials.
AIP doesn’t require Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) document for Canada PR application. The candidate needs a valid job offer from a designated employer from one of the Atlantic provinces. The foreign candidates help bridge the labour gaps in these four provinces.
Yes, you can change your employer or move to a different province. The change in status must be immediately informed to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada. To learn more details on Canadian immigration from Saudi Arabia, book a free consultation with our registered ICCRC consultants.
The processing time for a Canada PR application through the AIP pathway is six months. The IRCC processes 80% of the applications with an AIP processing time frame of six months, almost the same as the processing time for the Canada Express Entry System.
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