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    Thanks to DM Consultants, with their help, I avoided the common Canadian immigration pitfalls and sped up our journey to a new life in Canada from Riyadh. It was great to get the approval after having an unpleasant experience in the past. I am lucky to find the best immigration agency in Riyadh finally!


    I was planning to immigrate to Canada from Jeddah for more than a year with my family, but understanding the legal requirements was really difficult. DM Consultants in Saudi Arabia showed us the right path to apply and successfully migrate to Canada. Thanks to their exceptional and authentic immigration service.


    It was truly a stress-free and smooth experience. They not only helped me understand various immigration options but also created a personalized plan for Australian immigration from Saudi Arabia. The manner in which their consultant explained to me the Australia skilled immigration process left me in awe of the company’s client centric approach.


    Their team was responsive and supportive during the immigration process. Despite my desperation at times, their case officer handled my queries nicely and assured me always of a positive outcome. I would like to thank them for helping me in getting Australian PR in a short period of time.


    It was hard to trust any immigration agency in Dammam due to many negative reviews online. Trusting DM Consultants was the best decision I made this year, after thorough research. I recommend their immigration consultation to anyone planning to get a Schengen visa from Dammam in the meantime.



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