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Have you set your eyes on Canada to upsurge your career graph? Canada is always looking for skilled foreign workers to fill gaps in the labour market. You will require a valid work permit to work and a visa to enter the country.

As a leading Canada work visa consultant in Saudi Arabia, we at DM help candidates acquire Canada Work Permit from Saudi Arabia. From guiding you on how to get the employment permit from your employer to taking charge of your work visa application, we make the process smooth and hassle-free for you. For more details about the process, contact our work visa consultants!

Overview of Canada Work Permit

Canada attracts thousands of skilled workers annually by offering an ideal work-life balance and improvement in career graphs. Global skilled workers prefer the destination due to increased demand for overseas labour owing to low population density and substantial geographical area. Rapid migration in Canada boosts its robust economy and flourishing society.

Canada scores high in safety, security, political stability, multicultural society, civil liberties, gender equality, quality education, better healthcare facilities, and sustainability goals.

Canada work permit is issued for temporary workers, business people, and students. More than half a million more work permits were processed by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada in 2022 than the previous year. IRCC processed about 756,000 work permits in 2022 and approximately 215,000 in 2021.

Features of Canada Work Visa

Working in Canada can be one of the pathways to acquiring permanent residence as local experience will enhance your points in the Express Entry System. Canada Work Visa offers the following benefits to foreign workers:

  • Higher salaries
  • Numerous job opportunities due to a low unemployment rate
  • Strong Economy with mixed sources
  • Exposure to Multicultural society
  • Quality of Life featured consistently among the top countries on the World Human Index
  • Low crime rate
  • Plenty of natural resources
  • Advanced Healthcare facilities and Educational System

So, how to kick-start a Canada work permit from Saudi Arabia? Don’t worry; we will ease the application process for you. Our expert team of ICCRC-licensed consultants in Saudi Arabia will help you through the application process.

Choose Canada Work Permit Visa Type

A Canada work permit visa allows a candidate to work for a Canadian company for a limited time. Employers need to produce LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) to apply for employees’ work permits. There are two types of work permits issued by the Canadian Immigration authorities.

Employer-Specific Work Permit

This work permit needs a valid job offer and allows foreigners to work in Canada for a specified employer. The employer applies for the work permit of a foreign recruit to the government of Canada with an LMIA document. The outside professional can work in Canada with Employer-Specific Work Permit for three years.

Open Work Permit

The job aspirant doesn't require a job offer for Open Work Permit Canada and can work for a chosen employer. The Canadian government issues this permit after reviewing the candidate's occupation, skills, qualifications, proficiency in the language, and other related factors.

Canada issues Temporary Resident Visas (TRV) or Electronic Travel Authorisation (eTA) depending on nationality. Saudi residents usually need TRV to work in Canada. Contact our qualified Canada work permit consultants to know how to choose the suitable type of Canada work permit visa from Saudi Arabia.

Canada Work Permit Requirements

Canada welcomes overseas workers. The government lists in-demand occupations that need a work permit in Canada. Most foreigners require a permit to be eligible to work in Canada, with some exemptions. For this Canada visa, most candidates will need a job offer in Canada backed by a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). However, foreign workers can only apply for an open work permit with an LMIA or a job offer. The eligibility criteria vary depending on the field and type of employment contract. But regardless of where and which kind of work permit you apply for, you must:

  • Convince the officer that you will exit Canada when your work permit expires
  • show that you have sufficient funds to bear travel expenses and accommodation charges for yourself and your family during your stay in Canada
  • No criminal activity record
  • Obey Canadian laws and not be a danger to the nation’s security
  • Be a healthy person with no significant contagious diseases
  • Work only for the eligible employer who complies with the conditions
  • Provide additional documents if asked by the officer to seek entry into the country

Documents Required for Canadian Work Visa

A candidate requires a legal permit to work in Canada and a genuine visa for entry. The necessary documents for a Canadian work visa are as follows:

  • Application for work permit inside or outside Canada
  • Passport copy and 2 photographs
  • Payment receipt of Work visa processing
  • Proof of current immigration status, if inside Canada, produce a valid visa
  • Family information, if accompanying, marriage certificate and birth certificate of children
  • Work experience proof
  • Educational Degrees with ECA
  • Proficiency in English or French
  • LMIA supported Job offer is required for Employer-Specific Work Permit
  • Bank statements or financial sources to survive on own
  • Medical report
  • Character certificate from Police

For smooth Canada work visa application and document arrangement, contact our registered agents in Saudi Arabia.

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Application Process for Worker Visa Canada

To get Worker Visa Canada, a candidate needs to follow the below-listed application process:

  • Employer applies for LMIA document if necessary and issues valid job offer
  • In case of open work permit, arrange the necessary documents
  • The candidate can now apply for a Canada visa applicationfrom Saudi Arabia via the IRCC website
  • Attend the interview if required and submit biometric data to prepare to fly to Canada

Why Select DM Consultants in Saudi Arabia to Work in Canada?

To work in Canada, a candidate needs a real permit and visa. The process can be complex and exhausting, and that’s where experts come in handy. We have years of expertise in successfully handling thousands of visa and immigration applications across three continents to make your journey easier. Our esteemed clients rate us highly for offering flawless work visa services globally. DM Consultants Saudi Arabia will help you secure a Canada job visa by providing solutions in tricky situations.


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Frequently Asked Questions on Canada Work Permit Visa

Saudi residents need a valid work permit to pursue a career in Canada. Canada issues a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) or an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA), depending on the nationality. Saudis generally require TRV, which is an official document granted by an officer. eTA is a paperless document electronically linked to passport holders from visa-exempt countries. Both documents indicate that the holder can enter Canada as a temporary resident.
You need an employment offer in Canada to guarantee you are eligible for a work permit. A job offer must be valid and meet specific criteria for certain work permit applications for successful approval. The applicant's job offer must mostly be from an in-demand occupation and either supported by a positive LMIA or exempt from requiring an LMIA. You need a valid job offer from an authorised employer in Canada to be eligible for an Employer-Specific work permit. The candidate doesn't need a job offer for Open Work Permit and can work for a specific time in Canada without disclosing an employer but needs to fulfil specific criteria.
There are usually two types of employment offers that an employer in Canada can make:
  • An authorised employer in Canada can make a temporary offer for a limited period – six months, one year, etc. People can only start working after getting a Temporary Work Permit.
  • A permanent job offer is for an unspecified time. Foreigners can begin working after getting an Immigration Visa in Canada.
Yes. A candidate can opt for a Temporary Work Permit application separately or along with Canada Immigration Visa application. IRCC acknowledges the dual intention of the candidate, who aims to work in Canada temporarily to translate it to a permanent feature of working and settling in Canada.
Working in Canada comes with many benefits. Workplaces have a high degree of safety, and all employers follow Canadian labour laws to ensure the well-being of their employees. Canadian wages are also competitive, and foreigners are required, by law, to be offered wages equivalent to their counterparts in Canada. Some work permits also enable the spouse and children of workers to accompany them to Canada. You can also become eligible to gain permanent residence in Canada.
Canadian work permits are usually valid for 1-2 years, barring a few exceptions. The duration of the work permit can also depend on the candidate's passport validity and valid LMIA document and employment contract. Contact our licensed legal experts to solve your queries.
Getting rejection after so much hard work and payment can be demotivating. There are various reasons for the denial of a work permit.
  • You fail to persuade the officer that you will perform your intended work satisfactorily
  • You don't convince the officer about your firm intention to return to your native country after the work visa expiry
  • You do not fulfil the work criteria for the permit you applied for
A candidate has to search job if there is no employment offer. However, Canada has made various resources available online to find a relevant occupation for skilled foreign workers. We at DM Consultants also offer job assistance as part of our complimentary post-landing services through our tie-ups with recruitment agencies in Canada.
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