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    Overview of Australia Skilled Independent Visa

    Do you want to migrate to Australia as a skilled worker and can’t get employer sponsorship? Don’t worry; you can enhance your professional career in Australia by applying for a 189 visa Australia. DM consultant Saudi Arabia can provide the solid support and expertise to get an Independent Visa after following the due process.

    This visa is a points-tested stream for workers with exceptional skills to fill gaps in the Australian labour market. This skilled migration visa lets invited workers live and work permanently anywhere in Australia. There are separate streams for New Zealand citizens and eligible Hong Kong or British National (Overseas) passport holders.

    The Australian Government is focused on addressing critical skill shortages across the country. The Migration Program under the Skilled Independent visa category will have a planning level of 6,500 visa places for 2021-22 and 32,100​ in 2022-23. So, there is no better time to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI). To know more, schedule a FREE consultation with our Australia skilled independent visa consultants in Saudi Arabia.

    Features of Australia Skilled Independent Visa

    Australia is a famous immigration destination for highly skilled workers who want to upscale their careers in a competitive environment, create learning opportunities, and draw higher salaries. Australia is always searching for highly talented, skilled professionals who can enter the country through this visa and get eligible for permanent residence. The applicant doesn’t need a sponsor or nominator for Skilled visa 189 Australia and must be under 45 to get an Invitation To Apply (ITA).

    You can be inside or outside Australia when making the application. Once the Department of Home Affairs in Australia grants a visa, you can avail of the following privileges as Australian Permanent Resident holders:

    Points Table for Australia Subclass 189

    Australian skilled migration applicants under skilled independent visas require at least 65 points on the SkillSelect points assessment to qualify. After submitting EOI, you can get an ITA from the Australian Immigration department. The candidate who fulfills the eligibility criteria will be selected for Australia subclass 189 visa issuance. The candidate’s profile gets preference based on the points awarded due to the following factors:


    English language skills


    Work Experience

    Overseas skilled employment

    Australia skilled employment

    Extra Points for Spouse

    If you plan to migrate with your spouse, the Australian government can award you extra five points based on her skills.

    Eligibility Criteria for Subclass 189 visa Australia

    The aspirants must fulfill the eligibility criteria of the Australian government to apply for Subclass 189 visa Australia. Some of the essential requirements are:
    Your spouse needs the following things for extra points:
    Eligibility Criteria To Apply

    Documents Required for Australia Skilled Independent Application

    Documents play a vital part in getting visa approval. Ensure you arrange the following documents:
    Some additional documents may be required, and the applicant has to submit all the documents in English or translate them into English before submitting them. Get help from our MARA-Certified immigration consultants in Saudi Arabia to ensure error-free application. All information must be correct to avoid the rejection of the visa application.
    Document Required To Apply For Visa

    Application Process for Australia Subclass 189?

    For skilled Australian immigration from Saudi Arabia under Subclass 189, the applicants must score at least 65 points on the assessment.
    Immigration application Step one

    Check the SOL to determine whether your occupation is listed there.

    Immigration application Step Two

    If there is, you can proceed with the EOI through SkillSelect

    Immigration application Step three

    Arrange all the required documents in the required format

    Immigration application Step Four

    Apply for the visa online

    Immigration application Step Five

    Apply online after being invited to apply within 60 days from in or outside Australia.

    Immigration application Step Six

    Wait for the visa outcome.

    How can DM Consultants Help you Secure a Skilled visa 189 Australia from Saudi Arabia?

    So, can you be eligible for a skilled independent visa subclass 189 Australia? However, do you need help checking eligibility or getting started? DM Consultant Saudi Arabia will guide you through the application process and provide the best Australian immigration services to make your application process easy.

    We offer Free counseling, and once you hire our services, we evaluate your profile and assist in filling out the application form and arranging documents. We also provide Free IELTS training, assistance in ECA, and post-landing services.

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    Frequently Asked Questions on Australia Subclass 189 Visa

    Subclass 189 visa is a skilled immigration program based on the points system that allows skilled workers to live, work, and stay in Australia permanently. The applicant can travel in and out of the country for five years, and the concerned authorities will demand a Resident Return visa to allow re-entry as a permanent resident. If you stay in Australia after entering on a visa, you don’t need to renew anything. You can bring your family along with you.
    The candidate requires a minimum of 65 points under the points-tested stream for an Australian skilled independent visa application. Scoring more points will enhance the chances of receiving the visa. The candidate must submit EOI and get an invitation by SkillSelect. After receiving ITA for this visa, you have two months to submit your application.
    The mains areas that you can increase points for are:
    • Age
    • English language skills
    • Skilled employment experience
    • Educational qualifications
    SkillSelect is the online application system from the Government of Australia for foreign workers to Expression of Interest in applying for a skilled visa from migration to live and work in Australia. Through SkillSelect, the central, state, and territorial governments invite several skilled workers from outside to make visa applications.
    The Eligibility Assessment can take around 5 minutes, and you will get your results immediately based on your details. The Australian government initiative also provides a Self-Improvement Calculator to help you identify areas to improve your score. Then you can use Immigration to Australia Next Steps Guide to applying for your Australian Skilled Migration Visa.
    Australian Department of Home Affairs grants the skilled independent visa 189 for applicants whose occupation is in the SOL. The applicant needs a minimum of 65 points to be eligible. Higher scores increase the chance of receiving an ITA. It also depends on the number of applications received by immigration authorities with the same occupation. For instance, accountants may require 90 points or more to get an invitation to apply, whereas high school teachers may require 80 points.