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    Backed by a highly experienced and qualified team of immigration experts, we at DM Consultants are rated best immigration consultants in Saudi Arabia. Our immigration consultancy aims to help our clients fulfil their aim of migrating to countries such as Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the USA, and the UK effortlessly. With nearly a decade of experience and thousands of visa approvals worldwide, we are the migration consultants you can bank on to secure a favourable outcome against your immigration requirements. We provide a one stop immigration solution as per your requirements. Get in touch with our immigration agents in Saudi Arabia today to learn more about how we can help with your immigration needs.

    Go Global with DM Consultants

    DM Consultants, one of the leading names in immigration companies offering consulting services, is in Saudi Arabia. We started our journey in 2015 in Dubai and established a global presence with offices in more than 20+ cities. Saudi Arabia is the latest country to have its own dedicated DM office. We cater to all the top cities in Saudi Arabia, like Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, and Khobar.

    The DM team comprises immigration experts with over two decades of combined industry experience. We have experienced and qualified immigration consultants in Riyadh. We also have dedicated immigration consultants in Dammam to cater to your local needs. Besides Riyadh, our immigration consultant in Jeddah, Dammam, and Khobar will make your immigration easier.

    Apart from being an ICCRC-accredited immigration agent for Canada PR and MARA-registered agent for Australia immigration, we also provide immigration solutions to countries including New Zealand, the USA, the UK, and those in Europe. With any immigration inquiry, we take the time to understand the client’s specific requirements and provide tailored advice and service to help them achieve their goals.

    Choose Your Visa

    Our Immigration and Visa Services

    We make the visa process faster and smoother. We offer a comprehensive array of immigration services in Saudi Arabia for skilled immigration, student visas, and business immigration to major countries. Our Canada Immigration consultant ease the process of Canadian immigration, while Australia visa consultants help in skilled migration and talent visa Australia.

    Skilled Immigration

    Skilled immigration visa applications for developed countries like Canada and Australia can be complex, and rapid changes in legislation and bureaucracy can make the process further cumbersome. At DM Consultants, we help skilled workers and their dependent families secure Permanent Residence through Express Entry visa Canada, PNP Programs, Economic immigration to Canada like RNIP Canada Program etc. 

    Work Permits

    Suppose you wish to build a career living abroad or are a skilled professional as the leading overseas visa consultant in Saudi Arabia. In that case, we can help you move abroad through various overseas career solutions. We provide professional immigration advice to applicants who want to work abroad in Poland, lmia work canada, or the Czech Republic.

    Visit Visa

    We are the leading and trustworthy visa consultant in Saudi Arabia. Whether for leisure or business, DM Consultants will help you obtain a visit/tourist visa to many countries like Canada visit visa from Saudi Arabia, Australia tourist visa, Schengen visit visa, the UK, and the USA visa Jeddah, as per your choice. Apart from assisting you through the application process, we can also give you the tips needed for the interview.

    Benefits of Licensed Immigration Agents in Saudi Arabia

    You can accelerate your immigration journey by contacting our best immigration consultants in Jeddah. DM has qualified consultants in other cities in the Kingdom also to assist you in the application process. We are a registered immigration services company with physical offices across significant nations in Asia, including Saudi Arabia and Canada. We have a broader reach in the GCC countries, with a head office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Contact our Riyadh office today.

    Selection of Appropriate Visa

    Selection of Appropriate Visa

    Our expert immigration consultant in Dammam and other cities listen to you carefully and assist you in choosing the right visa category based on your requirements. You might be eligible for different visas, and our team's professional advice helps you understand the benefits of making an intelligent decision.

    Application Handling

    Application Handling

    Our qualified immigration consultants have complete knowledge of the application requirements from concerned immigration authorities, especially in Canada and Australia. You can provide the exact details through our professional guidance and stand a better chance for approval.

    Document Arrangement

    Document Arrangement

    For a successful immigration application, you need to attach all the required documents. Our best immigration consultants in Dammam offer you all the resources to arrange documents. Our global network will be handy in getting you the missing documents within the application timeframe.

    Evaluation Process

    Evaluation Process

    The application undergoes due diligence check from immigration authorities. Any minor mistake or error will result in application refusal and a waste of time and money. A qualified consultant helps you to pass the verification process of every attached document to make your immigration application more appealing.

    Clear Communication

    Clear Communication

    For a smooth immigration application process, clear communication between the authority concerned and candidates is essential. Our experienced and qualified immigration consultants will communicate with the concerned authorities on your behalf and give you regular updates accordingly.

    Personalised Services

    Personalised Services

    We have ICCRC and MARA registered agents in countries like Canada and Australia. They help us to offer personalised services while taking note of all information, paperwork and guidelines. We also give complimentary IELTS training, assist in ECA, and post-landing services.

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      You can accelerate your immigration journey by contacting our best immigration agents in Saudi Arabia today. DM has the best immigration consultants in Jeddah and other cities in the Kingdom to assist you in the application process. We are a registered immigration services company with physical offices across significant nations in Asia, including Saudi Arabia and Canada. We have a broader reach in the GCC countries, with a head office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

      DM offers the best immigration services and visa consultancy in Saudi Arabia at affordable prices. If you are planning a migration to Canada or Australia and seek expert immigration advice, contact us.

      Our immigration consultants in Dammam and
      immigration consultant in Khobar, besides Riyadh and Jeddah, will help you throughout the process. Book a FREE consultation with our expert visa consultants today and understand the documentation for immigration and the entire process properly.

      Best Immigration Consultant in Saudi Arabia

      What Makes DM the Best Immigration Consultant in Saudi Arabia?

      DM Consultants offers top-notch immigration services in Saudi Arabia. Our staff works hard to ensure your immigration is smooth, from visa application and documentation to landing in your dream destination. We are rated as the best immigration consultants in Saudi Arabia due to following reasons:


      What Our Clients Say
      About Us

      It was hard to trust any immigration agency in Dammam due to many negative reviews online. Trusting DM Consultants was the best decision I made this year, after thorough research. I recommend their immigration consultation to anyone planning to get a Schengen visa from Dammam in the meantime.


      Their team was responsive and supportive during the immigration process. Despite my desperation at times, their case officer handled my queries nicely and assured me always of a positive outcome. I would like to thank them for helping me in getting Australian PR in a short period of time.


      Thanks to DM Consultants, with their help, I avoided the common Canadian immigration pitfalls and sped up our journey to a new life in Canada from Riyadh. It was great to get the approval after having an unpleasant experience in the past. I am lucky to find the best immigration agency in Riyadh finally!


      Why Choose DM Consultants Saudi Arabia?

      Our strong presence in three continents and the splitting of DM Consultants’ services to Immigration, Citizenship by Investment and Study Abroad are part of our efforts to provide our clients with the best quality and specific assistance. From our humble beginning from Dubai Head Quarters, we are continuously expanding due to the support our clients have given us in the form of positive reviews, testimonials and recommendations to vouch for our services after successfully getting their visa approvals without much fuss.

      Our relationship with clients is based on trust and offering the best immigration consultancy services at competitive rates. With an expert team of licensed immigration consultants who are fully aware of the various immigration laws and policies of the countries, we can get approvals within the required timeframe.


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      Frequently Asked Questions

      DM Consultant is the best consultancy in Saudi Arabia. It is reliable and honest with presence in most parts of the globe. Our qualified professionals do good work within regulations and procedures to provide necessary support. They have the expertise to answer your queries. With around a decade of experience and thousands of successful visa approvals worldwide, we are the consultants that can improve your chances for a favourable outcome. We work with licensed consultants and have a solution to all your immigration needs.
      Registered migration consultants know the complex immigration process and help to simplify it for you by ensuring transparency. It helps in the application process, documentation arrangement, due diligence, and smooth communication with the concerned authorities. Our professional staff assists you, even if your application is rejected or denied. We will help you in fresh application filing.
      Yes, you can migrate to Canada from Saudi Arabia through Express Entry or Provincial Nominee Programs. There are various other programs also to migrate to Canada. DM Consultants Saudi Arabia offers assistance across multiple immigration programs. We carefully evaluate the client’s personal information to check eligibility and according to the file for the application. Schedule a FREE session with our certified consultants today.
      You can check through regulatory bodies whether the immigration consultant is real or legit. DM Consultants Saudi Arabia is the most experienced, trustworthy and certified immigration company with a qualified team of ICCRC and MARA-certified immigration consultants. For Canadian Immigration, you can search for the licensed agent and their ID number after surfing through the official web portal of ICCRC.
      DM provides free IELTS preparatory sessions to clients in association with British Council through qualified IELTS trainers. The candidate can easily pass the test and enhance points to boost immigration application. We also guide how to get Education Credential Assessment (ECA) done from the respective authorised agencies.
      DM Consultants Saudi Arabia does not provide any job guarantee. But, as part of our complimentary services, we can assist you in searching for the right job after landing in your dream country, especially Canada.

      Yes, DM Immigration Consultants’ services are spread across four continents. We take pride in playing a part in globilisation by helping our clients realise their immigration dreams. We are headquartered in Dubai and are regarded as the best immigration consultants in Dubai for our professional and transparent immigration and visa services. We also have two more physical branches in the UAE, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. We are also present physically in Qatar, Oman, and Kuwait to cater to the entire Middle East’s demands.