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Do you wish to work and live in Europe? Poland can be an ideal gateway to Europe. Saudi Residents will need a legal work permit, also called a Polish national visa (long-term), to temporarily work and live in the Schengen zone country. A valid job offer from a designated Polish employer is necessary to file for a Poland work permit. It will also be required if your home country’s company assigns you on-site work in Poland.

DM Consultants is a leading work visa consultancy service in Saudi Arabia and is committed to assisting job aspirants in securing Poland visas. Our registered agents in Poland provide end-to-end services and help avail of work permits quickly from Saudi Arabia. We also offer B2B Immigration Services in Poland through our head office in Dubai.

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Overview of Poland Work Permit from Saudi Arabia

The number of overseas workers registered in Poland’s Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) in 2022 passed one million for the first time. The country has witnessed years of mass immigration and the influx of Ukrainian refugees in recent times. Despite the constant increase in attracting foreigners, Poland has the European Union’s joint-lowest (3%) level of unemployment alongside Germany. Due to the shortages in the labour market, many in-demand occupations require skilled foreigners in Poland.

All non-member EU, European Economic Area (EEA), or Switzerland citizens need a Poland work visa, according to the country’s immigration laws. The designated employers in Poland have to convince the concerned authorities why an overseas professional is better placed to perform the particular occupation than a local to acquire Labour Market Assessment (LMA) document. The registered employer will apply Employment Visa for you. You will require a valid visa to enter the country. So check visa validity before entering Poland. EU member states generally don’t need a Polish visa and can work without a work permit.

Key Features of Polish Work Visa

Located in Central Europe, Poland opens the gates to Europe. Being an EU-Member, you can travel across 27 Schengen countries on a Poland visa. The cost of living is much lower when compared with other Western European countries, making it an attractive destination for ex-pats looking to earn better in a stable currency. The country offers a high quality of life and plenty of sceneries, landscapes, coastlines, etc., during your free time.

Some of the key reasons to avail of a Poland visa from Saudi Arabia are:

  • Plenty of job opportunities for skilled workers
  • The friendly and welcoming local population
  • Strong economy
  • Higher salaries
  • Quality of life at lower living costs
  • Diverse Culture
  • Opportunity to work and live in Europe
  • The unemployment rate is lower
  • Advanced healthcare facilities
  • Quality education for children
  • Tax benefits
  • A safe country to live in, with a low crime rate
  • Opportunity to learn a different language (Polish)

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Choose Poland Work Visa Category

All individuals who are not EU/EEA or Swiss citizens require a visa to work in Poland. A Polish work visa is generally valid for 2 to 3 years, depending on a specific job and according to the employment contract. If you switch job, your new company must be designated, and you should apply for your new work permit. Before starting a work visa application, you must know which work permit suits you. Poland offers different work permits as listed:

Type A

This work permit is issued to overseas professionals with a valid employment offer from a business registered in Poland. You must later obtain a residence permit.

Type B

This permit is issued for foreigners who are employed as board members and will live in Poland to perform work for a period exceeding six months.

Type C

Type C work permit is issued to individuals delegated to Poland by a foreign company for longer than one month to work for their Polish branch.

Type D

Type D is issued to a worker delegated by a foreign employer to offer a temporary and casual service like an export service. The employer must not have a Polish branch.

Type E

It is granted to an employee for agricultural, fishing, hunting, or accommodation activities of an overseas company and for a purpose not categorised under A, B, C, and D work permits.

Eligibility Criteria for Poland Work Permit from Saudi Arabia

The eligibility criteria for Poland Work Permit from Saudi Arabia varies according to the nationality and occupation of the applicant. The following are the general requirements to bag an employment visa:

  • Valid Passport copy with relevant details
  • Language proficiency skills
  • Genuine employment offer from a designated Polish company for Type A
  • Produce company details, occupation description, and other documents depending on the job type
  • In good state of health
  • Clear criminal record
  • Sufficient funding to bear travel expenses, accommodation, and additional charges
  • Required educational credentials
  • Not blacklisted by the government in Poland

Documents Required for Poland Work Permit

To register for a Poland Work Permit, the applicant needs to arrange the below-mentioned documents:

  • Copy of passport valid for at least 90 days
  • Duly signed visa application form
  • Photographs
  • Payment receipt of processing fees
  • Covering letter stating the purpose of travel and job description
  • Genuine employment offer from a designated Polish company
  • Valid documents on the employer’s legality and performance
  • Work experience certificate
  • Medical Report
  • Police clearance certificate

Poland Work Visa Application Process from Saudi Arabia

A Poland Work Visa application process begins with your employer. He must get an LMA document establishing that an overseas professional will perform this task better than a native or EU member state professional.

The employer must produce the following documents to get a work permit from Voivodeship Office:

  • A strict follower of the Country’s Labour Code provisions and government guidelines
  • Offer wages as per government standards
  • Provide Company Deed or trade license
  • Required report on the business activity
  • Employment contract with the job description
  • LMA document

After receiving the work permit, a candidate can apply for a Polish work visa. Once approved for your work visa, you can enter Poland and start your work.

Why Select DM Consultants in Saudi Arabia to Work in Poland?

To work in Poland, an applicant requires a work permit and a Polish visa for entry. The process can be taxing, and that’s where professional experts come in handy. DM Consultants Saudi Arabia will help you secure a Poland visa for job purposes by providing end-to-end solutions.

We have nearly a decade of experience getting successful approvals for thousands of visa and immigration applications for our clients across three continents. Our esteemed clients rate us highly for offering professional work visa services globally.
DM Consultants will guide you properly in the Poland work visa application process. Our well-trained consultants will carefully listen to your requirements and guide you in the application submission.


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Frequently Asked Questions on Poland Work Permit

The following occupations recorded the highest number of job vacancies in Poland in recent years:
  • Medical Practitioners
  • Teachers and lecturers
  • IT specialists
  • Enterprise managers
  • hand packer
  • stock clerk
  • Warehouse, building, industry, and manufacturing workers
  • sales worker
  • Elementary and cleaning workers
  • Electromechanics and electricity
  • Bus and truck drivers, car mechanics
Know the eligibility criteria for a Poland work permit. Secure an employment offer from a designated company if you want to work long-term in Poland. Your employer receives an LMA document and starts the work permit application process for you. The work permit type and its validity for a particular occupation depend on the job contract. Apply for a visa in the nearby Polish embassy or consulate. DM Consultants Saudi Arabia works with legal experts in Poland to help you choose a suitable permit type, arrange documentation and assist in the visa application process.
Applications to ICT Poland usually take between 5 and 7 weeks to process. The processing time can be longer depending on whether the candidate needs their documents translated into Polish. The processing time depends on the work permit category – Type A, B, C, D, and E. Work permits are valid for up to 36 months and can be renewed later.
You can get the following benefits after availing of a Polish work visa:
  • Live and work in Poland
  • Higher salaries
  • Ideal work-life balance with fewer working hours and paid holidays
  • Its central location enables you easy travel across Europe
  • A safe country to live in, with a low crime rate
  • Opportunity to learn a different language (Polish)
Work permits are not transferable visas to other Schengen countries.
No. Proficiency in English should be enough to get an employment offer if you have the related work experience and qualifications. Nowadays, more and more people in Poland use the English language, and employers primarily seek English speaking overseas professionals. However, learning some Polish phrases before arriving will be handy to acclimatise quickly and mix with the local culture.
A work permit is issued for work for one particular employer in a certain position for a limited time. If you wish to change a job, your new company must acquire a new work permit at the Voivodeship Office. But if you have a permanent residency permit, you don't need a new one for a job change.
Yes. Application through Polish family reunification visa is an option to bring your family members if your work permit is valid for at least two years. After successful approval, your family members will get temporary residence status like you for the duration of your work permit. You can bring your spouse and children, who can work or study during their legal stay. After the visa expiry, you can apply for an extension, depending on your work permit status.
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