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Are you considering a move to Europe and have a job offer from a Czech Republic employer? It is an opportunity for you to work and live in Central Europe and enhance your career graph. You could be working in the beautiful city of Prague or nearby cities offering a quality of life and ideal work-life balance.

If you want to join thousands of foreign workers in Czechia, you will require a work permit and a valid visa to work legally and enter the country. You can stay by applying for temporary residence, which can translate into permanent residency later.

DM Consultants is the leading work visa consultancy in Saudi Arabia and can guide you professionally in securing a Czech Republic work permit.

Overview of Czechia Work Visa

A skilled foreign worker outside the European Union must secure a work permit and visa to work in the Czech Republic. The work permits must be applied for by an employer and handed over to a particular employee.

The employer recruiting a foreigner has to convince the Government of the Czech Republic’s Ministry of Labour that only an outsider is specialised in doing the specific task, not any EU citizen. The employer gets the Labour Market Assessment (LMA) document for that particular occupation to proceed with the new employee’s application for a Czech Republic work permit.

After successful approval, the candidate can enter the Czech on a legal work visa and begin their new task at the company. The validity of a work permit is usually up to two years, but it can be extended after expiry. The work permit is valid for a specific position and particular occupation, and you lose your work permit if you lose your job. The new employer must apply for a new work permit to change an appointment.

Key Features Working in the Czech Republic

Czechia is a landlocked country part of the European Union and Schengen Zone. It has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the EU, and with growth in foreign businesses, there are ample job opportunities. The country offers higher salaries and a definitive work and life balance environment. It is a safe and secure country with a higher quality of life at lower costs. You can come with your family and expose them to advanced healthcare facilities and affordable education for your children. It also exposes foreign workers to the European culture and grants accessible travel opportunities within the Schengen area. Some of the benefits of a Czech work visa are as under:

  • Higher salaries and career growth
  • Excellent work and life balance and strong economy
  • Czechia is one of the most metropolitan and diverse countries in the EU
  • The Czech Republic has many strong technical industries, including Automotive, IT, Electrical Engineering, and Construction
  • Prague is the world’s most green urban space, and the rest of the Czech countryside is also beautiful.

Choose Work Permit Type in the Czech Republic

Workers other than the EU, the European Economic Area (EEA), and Swiss citizens need a valid visa to enter the country and legal permission to work in the Czech Republic. This work permit is required even if you work in Czechia for less than three months. There are usually three types of Czechia work permit.

Employee Card

This permit is for long-time residence in the Czech Republic, where the purpose of the foreign national stay is longer than 3 months for employment. Employee Card is for a specific occupation in the Czech from a designated employer. This residence permit is usually valid for two years and can be extended later. Through this card, you can work and live in the Czech Republic.

Blue Card

It permits long-term residence for employment in the Czech Republic under particular circumstances. It is for non-EU citizens with higher educational or professional degrees and an employment contract. The blue card is valid for the employment contract term plus 3 months but for a maximum of 2 years. It is renewable if you change the job under specified conditions.

Intra-Company Transferee Card

ICT Card is also a long-term residence card where the purpose of residence (longer than 3 months) of the foreigner is to perform work in the position of manager, specialist for 3 years, and an employed intern for one year to which the foreign national has been transferred. The card may be extended repeatedly to cover the transfer duration to the territory of EU members.

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Eligibility Criteria for Czech Work Visa

The Czech Republic welcomes skilled foreigners to work and live in the country to address labour shortages. It grants a work permit to allow applicants to work in the Czech Republic under certain conditions. The eligibility criteria for the Czech Work Visa application are listed below:

  • Valid passport
  • Non-EU/EEA and Swiss national
  • Valid employment offer
  • LMA document from the employer
  • Required educational qualification
  • Relevant work experience
  • Language proficiency in English
  • Sufficient funds to bear travel expenses and accommodation charges
  • Strong intention to leave the country after the expiry of the work visa

Documents Required for Czech Republic Work Permit Visa

The documents required for the Czech Republic Work Permit Visa are as follows:

  • Completed online application form
  • Copy of passport with relevant details
  • Photographs
  • Saudi residence proof (identity)
  • Valid job offer from a designated employer
  • Deed of the company or trade license
  • Business performance of the company
  • Details of Accommodation
  • Complete Travel itinerary
  • Character certificate from Police
  • Medical report
  • A financial statement proving enough funds to sustain yourself and your family in the country
  • Payment receipt of visa processing fees
  • Return air ticket
  • Health insurance coverage

Application Process for Czech Republic Work Permit Visa from Saudi Arabia

To avail of a Czech visa in Riyadh, you can apply at the nearby Czech Republic embassy in Saudi Arabia or the authorised application center at VFS Saudi Arabia. The application process involves the following steps:

  • Your employer will apply for a work permit with an employment contract and LMA document
  • Contact the Czech Embassy to get an appointment and submit the documents
  • The Czech embassy forwards the visa application to Interior Ministry
  • The Ministry of Interior reviews the application and decides
  • If you get a favourable decision, enter the country to collect a work permit

Why Choose DM to Avail of Czech Republic Work Visa Services?

The Czech Republic work visa application process requires expert guidance. Selecting the visa type, arranging all the required documents correctly, and smoothly communicating with the concerned authorities are crucial for a hassle-free process. We have an excellent track record for handling applications for Czech Republic work visas and getting successful approvals. Therefore, seeking assistance from licensed Work Visa agents is an intelligent decision. DM is the best Czech Republic work visa and Schengen visa agency in Saudi Arabia.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Czech Republic Work Permit

It takes around 30 to 60 days to process a Czech work visa. The processing begins after completing your visa application and submitting your documents to the Czech embassy in Saudi Arabia. The application should be submitted 45 days before your traveling date to avoid hassles.
Yes. It is possible, but the process can be tedious and only feasible sometimes. To change your status, you must have a valid employment offer from a designated company in Czechia. Submit the work permit application with the required documents to the Interior Ministry in the Czech Republic.
The work permit allows an applicant to work in the Czech Republic. A valid temporary residence permit is mandatory to stay in the Czech Republic for over three months. You can later apply for permanent residence if eligible. Blue Card is both a work and residence permit, allowing one to work and stay longer in Czechia. The issuing procedure is easy and quick. Unlike a work permit, the blue card can only be granted for occupations requiring a high qualification.
Employee Cards are for skilled foreign workers in the Czech Republic for longer (above 90 days). This residence permit is for a specific job and particular employer. Blue Card is meant for specialist occupations requiring a university degree or higher professional education where the studies took at least 3 years. The benefit of the Blue Card is that you can change jobs without Interior Ministry's approval. There are different wage and working hours requirements for both these work permits in the Czech Republic.
Czechia attracts foreigners to work to fill in shortages in the labour market. The Czech Republic work permit application process involves both employers and employees. The employer applies for a work permit after getting the LMA document. The employee then applies for a visa at a nearby Czech Republic embassy in Saudi Arabia or an authorised application center at VFS Global Saudi Arabia.
The application for a work permit can only be submitted for a specific job for which you have entered a contract with the employer. You can, however, communicate with various potential employers about the job prospects.
A candidate must inform the Interior Ministry of the employment termination or job position change. If your termination happens during your blue card's validity, you can look for a new job. Your blue card will be canceled if you are unemployed for more than 3 consecutive months.
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