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With an inevitable impact of the COVID-19 on world economy, Canada has remained consistent to support, not only Canadians and permanent residents but to immigrants by encouraging business immigration to Canada. Hon’ble Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, declared initial $82 billion economic response plan to the pandemic, out of which $27 billion announced to be allocated to ease the financial strain of Canadian business and workers, further relief has been assured to aid business sector.


Canada start-up visa program facilitates qualified immigrant entrepreneurs to attain permanent residency.  It is formally named as Canada Start Up Class, largely known as the Start-Up Visa program (SUV).

Innovative entrepreneurs are addressed and linked with private sector investors in Canada to establish respective start-up business. To commence, applicants can visit Canada on a work permit supported by designated Canada based investor, before attaining an access to permanent residency that will be in place once business in established and get running. Private Sector investors are segregated into three types:

  • Angel investors
  • Venture Capital Fund
  • Business Incubators

Immigrant entrepreneurs must demonstrate that their business is:

  • innovative
  • potential enough to create job opportunity for Canadians
  • able to compete on a global scale
  • adept to attain the permanent residency for you, your spouse and dependents up to 22 years


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The basic prerequisites to participate into start-up visa program are as follows:

  • Qualifying business proposal
  • Commitment Certificate and Letter of Support from designated entity
  • Sufficient funds considering the size of family
  • Proficiency in English or Fresh at minimum Canadian Language Benchmark level 5


  • Irrevocable permanent residency
  • Fast paced process to attain residency with family
  • Living rights throughout Canada except Quebec
  • Residency status and start-up company operation is distinct


  1. Signing-up
  2. CV Review
  3. Business Plan
  4. Letter of Support / Investment into the business
  5. Apply for permanent residency
  6. Attaining approval to immigrate


We, DM Consultants, are the mediators between an individual and immigration authority to play vital role in comprehending the procedures and policies. Being specialized consultants, we are able to screen an applicants’ credentials to analyze the eligibility of migration to Canada. Our team of experts are well-informed and well- versed to educate clients to be decisive and make comparison on various aspects considering the updated economy moves. Advisors are to provide unbiased and neutral evaluation customized to an applicant requirement. We ensure to avail the following services to the client to achieve success on business plan in start-up visa program:

  • Consultancy throughout the process
  • Documents review and scrutinizing
  • Attaining Letter of Support
  • Business idea support services considering the experience and available funds
  • Establishing the presence of business in the digitalized environment likely developing website
  • Business establishment services
  • Assistance in availing work permit, thereof lodging an application of permanent residency


• Capital: Ottawa
• Population: 38,008,005 (as of 2020)
• Area: 9,984,670 sq. km
• Major language: English, French
• Major religion: Christianity – 67%
• Life expectancy: 74 (men) 78 (women)
• Currency: Canadian Dollar (CAD)
• Exchange Rate (as of March 2021): US$ 1.00 = 1.27 CAD$

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